Beta am Bkuming Reality

Ohai, peeps!  I haz gotted an emayo frum Tofu.  I sharez it wif u.  😀

Ben posted up a blog post tonight announcing our 100% move to BETA (our new platform) next week. It’s been something that we’ve been working on for the past 16 months and hope to make the user experience easier to use. Here is the link to his blog post explaining our migration:

Starting Monday, all of our users will be redirected to the BETA and we wanted to communicate that to you and all of our users before it happened as we know communication is extremely important.

As always, please feel free to email me back with any questions or concerns.

15 thoughts on “Beta am Bkuming Reality

  1. Ohai Mai Leege,

    I saw teh Cryer post and here is an emayo I got from Will; you may hav seen tihs too?

    Plz noat: Will (dollydally81) sez we can still Opt Out (it am nawt menshuned faw hao long).

    If you go to the Beta site, a pop-up survey may appear. I used teh Beta pop-up survey to give teh Cheeses sum fead-back only yesterdy (nd kept tihs copy):

    1: You cannot see, from the Beta home pages, who is commenting so if someone replies to you on an older post then you won’t know. “Join the conversation” is what you get when you hover over the comment counter but more about that later. Is there any way you can make a “Who be Talking” list, eg last 10-15 and on which LOL/post, please?

    2: The comments keep having to be expanded, even a single comment, if it has a few extra lines, will require expanding. On a post some time back, a few of the regulars made many test comments and bumped into one of ICHC’s programmers (he might remember) and we pointed out that with over 96 comments only a handful were visible. For anyone who likes to read the comments this is horrible. I think I counted 13 times I had to click *more* (or the equivalent) to show more of a thread or another thread or more of a single but longer comment.

    3: the latest comments, unless tacked onto a thread, are on the top. So that means that all the comments made while that post was the latest from Lolcats, for example, and made mostly within the same window of currency, are pushed to the bottom and what we see are the drivel ones like “Reposted on wherever”. Could you please consider putting the latest comments to the bottom instead of the top? After all, that is the way each thread works. It makes more sense to read and can’t be hard to implement.

    4: It is hard to tell the difference between a LOL in someone’s profile or one that has been posted to the home page. I finally figured it out in the “You are here: I Can Has Cheezburger?/Lolcats/” at the top. Which is where someone’s LOL “moves” to, so to speak, if they have been published. Could you find a better way to make that obvious? Also, what time was the posting on the front page is not obvious anymore.

    5: If we came to the comments to “Join the conversation”, as I do, do we have to have distracting and useless comments from somebody’s reposting to Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, whatever? Who CARES? They add nothing of value to your site. They mislead people looking at the home page that there are REAL comments. What a disappointment.
    This has crept into the old cheezburger since WordPress put a ReBlog tool on their toolbar, too.

    6: Could you put the actual times and dates into posting dates and comment dates, please? A “few minutes ago”, ” 1 day ago” , etc don’t help sort out who posted what & when. When it says yesterday, is that my “yesterday” and your “today” ? (Happens a lot with my timezone ahead of USA Pacific by 17-19 hours).

    7: I think there is too much emphasis on counters for re-posts to Cheezburger or counters for Shared on Facebook. As someone else said in your feedback forum, they don’t come to Cheezburger to be referred off to Facebook.

    8: The commentary entry box is too thin; could you perhaps consider a way to make it expand as you type? It makes it very hard to proof-read anything. (Yes, thanks for the Edit feature). (I see this survey does have a tool to expand the box down/up a bit).

    9: The nesting depth (a reply to a reply to a reply to a reply, etc) only goes to three as opposed to eleven (I think) on WordPress. If you only indented the replies a tiny amount, you could easily allow several more layers of nesting without pushing the text into a tiny, narrow column. Your long-time Lolcats users often run threads (replies) to eleven and certainly more than three on any popular post.

    10: I think the new cheezburger comments, although rewritten from your facebook social plugin, are about as useful as comments to a Youtube video. ie, people will see one or two, they won’t come to read them all. Youtube, however, can have thousands of comments on one post, I doubt any one ICHC post ever will because the content is different and doesn’t attract fresh comments after one or two days. (I know this because I subscribe to WP emails and can tell if old Lolcats LOLs get new comments). I have already given feedback on the macro code for 😆 (colon, lol, colon) and the ugly rage-style largish thumbnails. Seriously, what was wrong with implementing some small smiley emoticons? Try making a comment and putting in 😆 if you don’t know what I mean.

    11. I’m one of the people who doesn’t like infinite scroll because it overloads my laptop. I have found that to be worse if any youtube or other video content is on the page, eg ICHC hub homepage. Perhaps it can be an option when you turn it back on?

    12: Thanks for your time.
    – Poussinboi (PB)

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: dollydally81
    Date: Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 11:47 AM
    Subject: Re: Important Cheezburger News
    To: poussinboi

    Hey there PoussinBoi,

    You are a very important part of Cheezburger. We know that without people like you contributing content, engaging with other content, and building community in the user dashboards and comments, we would not have grown into the present day Cheezburger. We also know that communication from us regarding changes to the website and information about the beta has not always been the best. So, we want to let you know that next week everyone who visits Cheezburger will land on the beta. You will still be able to opt-out, but we have decided that it is time to share it with everyone.

    Ben has posted more information on the blog about this here:

    I encourage you to read this post and share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comments.

    All our best,

    Will and the Cheezburger team

  2. I do not want beta – if I am not able to opt out I will have to find some other way to interact with like-minded people. As I am less able to get out and about (and that will increase as I get less able to go out) I rely on Lolcats for contact with my fellows. It has kept me from climbing the wall during enforced confinement to the house.

  3. O drat.
    I must have missed how to ‘opt out’. Is there a button somewhere?
    PB and anni – come to the darkside (Facebook)….we has cookies. 😆 Or, at least, we have posts and comments and people that interact with each other. TessM has made a PRIVATE group for cheezpeepz on faisbuk.
    Please consider giving it a try.

    • Ohai Catena. The way back is to find the lolcats home page in Beta and look for a triangular button labelled “Back to the old Cheezburger” in the top left of the Beta home page.
      Annipuss tells me that it doesn’t show on her tablet so she cannot get to wordpress-lolcats except by bookmark and the url to wordpress-lolcats home page redirects straight back to beta-lolcats.
      I haven’t 100 percent ruled out Facebook but am totally dismayed by all the tracking done by Facebook, Twitter, Kissmetrics and dozens more even on a non-member and I do my best to filter out all of it with tools like Do Not Track amongst others. And that is all on ICHC and other unrelated pages without even going to FB. So the site won’t work without relaxing that and that doesn’t make me happy.

  4. Blargh.

    The “opt out” version of Lolcats above is no more as of the 13.8.12 5 pm (Cheeztime) Lol – you can still get at old style ICHC via the “2012 archive” route (for now at least)

    Ultimately (and I think I’ve said this before) – the users on sites like ICHC and farcebook are not customers, they are the product. as in

    Ultimately, I guess that having a lot of people re-tweeting and linking stuff on Farcebook, even if they visit ICHC-land once or twice a week, is potentially more valuable to ICHC than a relatively small community of several times a day regulars who probably (either mentally or with technology) block out the adverts. The number of ‘unique visitors’ in any timescale is one measure of value in a website. (value to the owners not necessarily the users that is – we’re getting into the realms of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing here)

    What I think might be crucial in the next phase is whether the cheez-peeps in exile can agree on one new home, be it the new “improved” ICHC or cheeztown cryer or Yesterday’s LOLs or teh Brake Room or what.

    What I’ve seen happen a few times after a community website has ended up in the litter tray (for whatever reason) is that a number of alternatives get set up, and few if any of them have the critical mass to be worthwhile (there’s a chicken and egg situation that people tend not to bother to join small web communities because they see there aren’t many people and there’s not a lot happening)

    I wish I knew the answer.


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