Opting Owt

Several peepz haz had a hard time finding dhere way to deh LOLcats site.  If u nawt likeing deh BETA version, u kin still git to the old format a couple of ways.

You can either use the Archive http://lolcats.icanhascheezburger.com/2012/ or you can use the “opt out” link  http://lolcats.icanhascheezburger.com/?OnoBetaOptout=true  Either one of these should work for you.

Once there, u will finding awl ur old frends playing in deh comments.





34 thoughts on “Opting Owt

  1. Sadly, when the CheezyOverLords take away the old way and forcify the beta on lolcats I will be gone since I cannot tolerate the beta. Fankies fur showin us the way we can still use the old version on lolcats (at least for now).

    • Don’t go, Elfyn. We’ll miss you. And besides, they’ll do a lot more to make Beta better and we are already seeing swift improvements like stopping tweets from the comments.

  2. Teh nawt-sekkund linkee tookified me to teh old kitteh part, but teh doggie part was still teh stoopy beta. Awl teh doggies looklooklooked beri embarassed. Teh nawt-third linkee just tookified me to teh pleh beta.

    Ai guesses it’s goodbye Cheezburger for mii adn teh Princess.;-(

  3. As of the 0100 BST (5.00 pm 13.8.12 Cheeztime) LOL, teh 2012 linkage above still works, but teh “opt out” linkage does not no longer work. It takes you to the “this is the new cheezburger and you’re having it whether you like it or not” page, on which the comments objecting to it all are overwhelming. (and 1466 down votes to 39 up votes)

    My public comment on there (quoting bits of the official line given) –


    “we’re committed to improving the new Cheezburger based on your feedback”

    “Thank you for being a part of Cheezburger. ”

    The actions don’t match the words.


    and it took me three presses of the comment button to get that comment to post.


    In a big way.

  4. The Cheeses are starting to make changes to Beta in response to user feedback:
    They removed the tweets from Beta comments first thing today.
    They are going to give us ICHC style emoticons instead of rage-face ones.

    Tofu is giving answers in the company blog.

    I don’t think they will just abandon further improvements so I’m still giving them more specific feedback where I can and I know they are listening to us

    Perhaps they will respond to my request to change reverse-chronological-order comments to normal order? I pointed out that it is easy enough now to make a single comment but the reverse order of display makes it much harder to follow or maintain a conversation.

    Now is not the time to abandon all hope, k? 😉

    • Ohai, PB! Jus’ wanted to say menny menny eggstraw hyooj fankees for continyooing to try wif teh Cheezes. Ai duz nawt knowify enuff abowt pyooterz to eben tells dem why ai nawt lieks teh gnoo version. Ai duz nawt fink maii grrrrl adn ai habs it in us to keeps on wif ICHC but hoepfully wii wills still see owr wundermus community heer.

    • Well, we tried it and it’s just a total frustration. Even with only 17 comments to a LOL, it comes up on the page refresh with half of them hiding under different things to click. With nothing to indicate if there’s been any new comments and even the total only on the beta home page, it is a struggle to stay there.

      Wanders over to Prysmas’s site: http://prysmcat.org/lol/category/lols/

      Hey, lots of cheesepeeps I know are there 😀

  5. Ohai Cheezfrends

    I’ve been waiting (with trepidation!) for the switchover to beta, but it hasn’t happened for me yet – maybe because I always access the Lolcats page from my list of “Most Visited” sites (in Firefrocks)? This might work for others too …

  6. Ohai cheezpeeps. At leest da wuns dat liek kittehs.

    Ai haz bin reedeeng bowt a klosed groop faycebuk payj an wunnderd, can ai joyne? Ai hazzint bin bery activ dis summer but ai wood liek a faycebuk playce to play.

    Do nawt want diz gnu impersunul cheezbrrgrr site on wich tew postify mai deep thawts.


    • I are having this again – the lol appeared about 10 minutes ago (2300 UK time) a couple of comments were made, and then it’s all disappeared.

      I has tried pulling teh chain to flush my cache and it’s still not there.


  7. Cheezes

    I thought we were together
    as we passed along the way
    no matter how rough life was
    you brought humour to the day
    first thing in the morning
    before I faced the grind
    you would bring a little taste
    of all that’s good to mind
    but now it seems I’ve lost you
    and it shakes me to the core
    did we mean so little to you
    and the money so much more

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