Cheezland, by deh Peepz, for deh Peepz

Prysma Kitteh sendinged mii dis emayo.  It seemz like a berry good idea. 

Ohai mai cween!

A lol comed through on facebuuk uv a familyar grey kitteh wif a red hood, an it gotted lots uv us thinking abowt missing the frenz an teh old days an teh funs.

We were gonna try an eggsperiment an alla peeps on facebork who nawt been on ichc lately wud pick wun day a week an trai to drop bai at sum point an get involved. This bogged daon in sordid teknical ishoos sum of us has wif teh “improved” ichc, primarily.

Sooo… a diffrint eggsperiment be started alreddy.

Cheezland, by teh cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps.

Insted of repeating maiself here, ai just gibs yu link tu where ai sed it alreddy.

ALL cheezpeeps has a welcome! An is teh plain straightforward WP software, no bells an wissuls, an is on mai domain so is nawt linked tu ENNYFING else on teh innerwebs.

You can come say ohai an has party?


Cweenmj here —  I add dis linnk tu deh front page uv dhe LOLs on PKz site:

9 thoughts on “Cheezland, by deh Peepz, for deh Peepz

  1. Ohai, PK! Iz lubbly eye deer! I can ask two kwestchuns? Wun, iz rightrightright dat dis nawt a Facebook site? Adn twoo, will dere be an okazhunal doggie allowed in?

    Fankees muchly for finking ob wais to keeps us togevver! (Fankees to awl who am werkwerkwerking on wais to be doing dis!)

    • No connekshun to ENNYFING else on teh webs, nawt to faycebork or ichc itself or eben teh weirdpress blog-hosting site, is teh softeeware but is on own domain.
      An tehre can be goggies, manatees, otters, lolruses, an ennyfing else that be funneh an clebber and nice that peeps send in. No sadnesses. No bideos, no animated gifs, no adbertising. Is awl about making things simple so can focus just on teh communitee an teh peeps.
      Come look. 🙂 *holds out paw of invitayshun*

      • Shortform address, btw, is

        Been catching up on the comments here on the Cryer re: beta. I knew I had problems with it, knew others did, but *sigh* aifinkso their cheezinesses have proven they have priorities that aren’t compatible with giving us a STABLE and user-friendly home for our community.

  2. Ai just saw dis (been messing wif updates fur a nhour) adn nawt hazza chance to inbestigate yet, but will. Nao ai gotta get ready fur hayres cut appointment. BBL.

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