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This is off topic. I am on vacay in Rochester NY (Canandaigua actually) and there is a momma kitty and her five kittens on the property. The owner is wanting to get rid of them in anyway possible and chases momma off with a broom. Despite this momma is sweet and loving and the kittens while a bit unsure of human attention are interested. I held two a boy and a girl. I think they are about 5-6 weeks old. Please I can’t take them with me when I fly back to California. Is there anyone in the area or who knows someone who can foster them. I don’t know if the local shelter is a no kill or not. I do know they already have over 100 kitties there.

Momma is really skinny and ate 6 cans of food in one sitting before I came along. My niece gave her so much food. I hope she kept it down and it didn’t give her the runs. I am willing to throw in the big crate I bought and some food if someone can help me.

Update momma and babies are now in the cottage and doing fine. Momma is really happy to have a place to corral the babies and they were starting to wander a bit and this place is on a real busy road. Any help will be appreciated.


14 thoughts on “SOS

  1. Well, there isn’t anything i can do on this end but pray that the right human comes along!
    Will do that!
    Love you bunxches! –janey

  2. Roisin, if you or a friend have a Facebook account, please post this on there too. I’ve seen the good FB can do for pets in need like this. I wish I could help. I hope you find someone soon.

  3. Maybe Finger Lakes SPCA in Bath, NY could at least give you suggestions. We have 2 little orphans we are fostering at the moment & can’t do any more with 4 cats of our own. People leave them at my brother’s farm and their chance of surviving the highway, busy traffic at the farm, cow squishing (sorry for that image!) or farm equipment is slim to none.

  4. Totally off subject-Question: now I can’t access the old site at either link from the email earlier this week. So when I look at the new awful beta the comments never come up-WTHeck????

  5. Hi Roisin,
    I don’t know exactly where these are in New York, but on the web I found 2 that are no-kill shelters and might at least be able to give you some advice or referral information to other rescue groups. Since they are no-kill they might be more understanding than the local “humane” society, which does not seem to be no-kill.
    1.) AWAN – Animal Welfare Adoption Network (845) 679-0227 – They are in Ulster County, near Woodstock, NY.
    2.) Kathleen Anne Tenny Animal Shelter in Hilton, NY, but I did not see a phone number. Try for them.
    3.) Is there a local PetSmart or PetCo? Larger chain pet supply stores often have rescue groups that work with them.
    4.) post your request again, each morning…
    (I am in California myself, with 7 cats at home, and a group of ferals that I feed, and I know how hard it can be when you see an animal in need.)
    Best Wishes to you all !!!

    • I’m not sure why “No Kill” is the preferred option amongst those who post here. All “No Kill” means, for those who don’t know, is that they don’t accept animals that they don’t consider adoptible (hence the ability to claim that they are “No Kill”). Where exactly do you suggest that people should go who have animals that “No Kill” shelters don’t consider adoptable?
      Here in the Twin Cities at Animal Humane Society, (where I currently work as a Volunteer Coordinator) we accept every animal that comes through our doors, and try to do the best by them all. We constantly try to raise the bar on the number of animals that make it onto our adoption floor. If we were’nt here, where would people go whose animals were NOT accepted into “no kill” shelters?

  6. Ohai Roisin! Have you looked into They have all kinds of rescue orgs and peeps in the know, also Eldad Hagar===amazing!!

  7. Any word on how things are progressing? I’m not far from Rochester, but I’m over the border in Canada, so can’t help, unfortunately. Holding Roisin and the kittehs in my heart – bless R for being a caring person!!

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