Wut Happend?

It haz ben apparent fur sum time dat wut dhe Grated Cheezez want and wut deh peepz uv Cheezland want am twu differnt fingz.

Fur several monthz, ICHC haz ben running dehir sites on bof WP and dheir Beta platform.   Bekuz it wuz so unconducive tu conversationz, deh Beta version wuz deh PLEH!   On Monday, they switched to primarily Beta with an Opt-Out dat wud take u to deh WP version.  On Wednesday, deh Opt-Owt wuz unceremoniously disabled.   Wif only deh Beta platform, Cheezland as wii  know it disappeared.  😦

Fortunately, PrysmaKitteh did nawt want tu see ower belubbed home destroyed.  Shii builded a noo blog dat shii naminged Cheezland.  😀  It am nawt associated in any way shape or form wif ICHC or Facebook.  It am a WordPress blog dat shii runz on hur own domain.  If u goez dhere u will find ur old frendz and awl deh familiar places — deh Ty Booteek, deh nawty barn, deh Princess Mu medow — dhey am awl dhere.  Plz tu kum and joyning us!!  Wii haz cookies!!!  (and LOLz!)



27 thoughts on “Wut Happend?

  1. LOLs are at 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm & midnight ( Nth America EDT )
    (3 hours ahead of Seattle/Cheeze-time).

    So far, we have had more than 90 different visitors commenting there. So what are you waiting for ? ( Wi can get moor cookies if PB’s eated tehm awl 😉 )

      • CB!!!!! *schmmooooooooo elebenty!!!1!!!* It WUZ furever!!! Ai missed yu sew much, butt ai nawt hazza happee wif ICHC sew ai neber seed yu. Ai am sew glad yu red yer messidj becuz ai wuz afraid yud nawt find awt abowt teh gnu site. *whew!* Ai will be seein’ ya there! 😀

  2. I was thoroughly confused when I went to ICHC today and there were no posts under most of the Lols. So glad I clicked here and found this thread!

  3. I can’t understand the thought process – To me,they’ve just killed not only the Golden Goose,but also the Cash Cow..
    Don’t they understand it’s the people who made the site?

      • Kinda like the local Wal~Mart.. They were trying to go “upscale” when their customer base is working class and Up Scale wouldn’t be caught dead in a W~M.. maybe not a good analog..I hope y’all understand..

      • Ohai peg4X4! I understand what you mean. It’s making decisions thinking that you know your customer base, when you really don’t. It’s not taking the time to find out what they want – or worse yet, asking what they want, then not listening.

      • Worse yet? Not only do they not listen – they plain don’t care about anything but the “bottom line”. $$$$$$$

  4. OHAI! Dis be Nippy Nose…where duz ai sign up? How duz ai bekums a member? I iz SO happi to find you! We really need a site like our old original Peepers site…let’s do it! Luvs ya, Teh Nips.

  5. Haz N-E-bawdy gotten tew teh gnu Cheezland site yet?
    Moobie iz ober and ai iz going fru withdrawals.
    [wrings hands]
    [starts tew eat own hat]
    *nom nom nom*
    Teh owlee post iz gone nao.
    *wurry wurry wurry* 😯
    [luuks at bottlol ob champers] Ai need uh drink!!h

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