Mpls/St Paul Cheezmeet dis Weekend

Remindererer frum ‘Niser:

Ohai Cheezfrenz!

Teh Twin Citeez Cheezmeet iz awn foar dis weekend!! Ai noez dat it iz last minnit, butt (!) wee wuud lubs tu habs moar par tissi pentz! Wee wil be habbing lawtz ob funnz, eetink teh guud guud fuudz, vizitink teh menny sites dat der R in teh byootiful Twin Cities, an habbin sum toastees tu awl teh Cheezpeeps. Teh Cheezmeet wil bee Saturday an Sunday, Aug. 25-26. Wanna joyn us? Emayo (author of ‘Niser’s Nine) foar moar infoar mayshunz.

Fankeez an hoaps tu seez yu awl heer!

‘Niser (AKA Barb Kastens)


9 thoughts on “Mpls/St Paul Cheezmeet dis Weekend

  1. I hope eberee won has a grate time, is beeutyful citie(s). I seent the WHO there in “75”, awsum concert in St.Paul. Get sum gud piktures, please! I tink eberee won luvs the after fotos with the happy peeps habin gud times.

  2. HI ebreyone! me (Muncheez) I think that is who I spelled my names is wanting to know where the cheezmeet is! I live in Blaine and volunteer at feline rescue in st paul….will be the there sunday, i work sat…it would be cool to meet someof you…shyly saying

  3. *sniff*
    Ai hazza jellus…
    Butt (!) me n Ozcatmum am habbing a mini cheezmeet in Bancoober in Seppingtembur…YAYYY!!!
    Ai nebber bin tu a ackshul BIG cheezmeet dough..Will hab tu wurk awn dat wun aifinkso.

  4. Ohai!!! Ai nose u awl be hazzin teh wunnermus tiem dis weekend. Wishes ai wuz closer tu teh norf soes ai cud par tissi paet. Ai maek it wunna deez daiz. Safe travel to ebbrywun!!

  5. ^Whut TxGurl said bout safe trip to everywun & have a wunnermus time!
    Hopefully there will be a cheezemeet in Florida sumdai? Ai wish Ai lived closer too!

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