Gnu Home

Ohai, Cheezpeepz!!

PrysmaKitteh haz ben working berry hard fixing up ower noo home.  Shii haz movinged it to a noo server and hadded sum complicationz.  Nuffing ebber goez rite in a move.  🙄  But wii am now at ower fureber home,

Wii kin haz LOLz and commentz. Wii kin haz deh list uv recent comments and recent LOLz so u kin keeping up wif hoo sed wut.  And wii kin haz profilez and frendings!!!

So pleez to come and playing wif us.

Heer am PK to telling u abowt it:

Despite some bumps in the road, and a few lost boxes and bags in transit, we’re all moved into our new forever home.

There’ll still be a little bit of smoothing things out, washing the windows and getting everything put away properly and finding out what we’re out of and all, but the house itself is OURS, and exists purely for the sake of the Cheezpeeps.

Cory and Eva, as I mentioned before, beat incredibly poor odds of survival in order to reach forever homes with family who love them. And so has the Cheezpeeps community.

Welcome home, everyone. Find a place to get comfy, grab something to drink, take your shoes off, and explore.


44 thoughts on “Gnu Home

  1. Yay! Ai has been there adn it am full ob ossum adn win. Fanks to PK for bilding owr gnu hoam, adn to you, mai cween, for leaving a light on adn keeping us awl tugevver. Yay!

  2. (Lolspeak off) I just tried to post my first comment (a very innocent one) and got a message that the Account has been Suspended. Do we know what is happening? Is it the entire site that is suspended, or is this a problem with my account? Thank you for any information.

  3. I gotted dis frum Prysma:

    Ohai! Emerjency notiss: Cheezland is down. We’re aware and working on it. Cuold you please tell EVERYONE who might be panicking? Senaya’s talking to the host (I have a few choice words I’d like to share with the host, just as well if she does it.) –prysma who is about to tear hair out.

  4. Who broked the internets?!

    I’ve been looking all over and starting to panic that you guys ran off and didn’t tell me where you went. It’s like you knew I usually wasn’t on the internets on the weekends and you hid from me 😦

    Butt, happy happy joy joy you didn’t leave. LO!! 🙂 🙂

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