33 thoughts on “Time Owt

  1. BTW: Ai jus tuk a peek at de udder syte tu si if dey haz regayned der sensus…nope! Der iz MUCH wayling an nashing uv teef ober dere.
    THANKQ PK and Seanya for awl ur hard wurk! Iz wurf waytin for!

  2. *Meanwhiles, ai iz werking like a slave on da archive projekt fingy. Finding sum stuffs, but nawt eberyfing haz been sabed on da wayback machine. Gonna take a brake adn haz sum late lunch.*

  3. Ai haded a feered dat ai sended awt 2 manee fwend requists adn it lawked mi awt. Den ai fout…nahhhhh, datz jus teh sillee…adn heer wi r, playinging nise. 😀

  4. hi all – i just been to the other place and any comments pointing any missing cheeze folk to our forever home have been deleted:(
    thats so sad – perhaps understandable but still sad.
    (posted by Tulipcat just cant seem to change my account again)

  5. Obeeyusslee fyxxin iyut seuun
    Prawblee habbyung ae prawbleum — obeeyusslee
    Qwieyklee fyxxn iyut sew wee kud awl sae Ohai aeygaeyn
    Rassleun wiffit tew gytz iyut raiyt, aifinkso!!

  6. jus so evreewun knows, teh problem wut gotted cheezland put in time-owt iz a “resorce usaje” problem. apparintly teh nice noo hosting co. duz not gib az much interwebs az they sed they did.

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