KittehlessJon haz ben Adoptified

  1. Nownsmint! KittehlessJon is no longer kittehless! I haz been appruved as kitteh-slave to 7-month old gray boi Murdoch (named after the A-Team character, of course!).

    Photoz heer – sorry about da squinting. It was evvur da camera flash oar da stinky foot in the pix. ;-)


27 thoughts on “KittehlessJon haz ben Adoptified

  1. Jon! SOOOO happee fur yoo, GRRRREAT luking Kitteh, too.

    So – Nao yoo need a gnu nayme. 😉


  2. Ohaiiiiiiiiiiiiii Murdoch! Welkom tu teh CheezFambly! Yoo can haz berry gudgudgud skillz in choozing a hoomin tu adopitfy *nods* aifinkso. Ai yam sew happeh fur yoo bofe!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{KittehPWNDJon an Murdoch}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. Aifinkso dat PB haz da rite idea fur your gnu name: Kitteh-haz-John.
    Murdoch iz a bery nice looking kitteh-boi. He looks ready to take on hiz duties az your oberlord.

  4. Congratchificashuns!!! Dis iz eggsalad gnoos. Ai zi beri haphaphappee for yoo! But yoo better bee awn your toes — it looks liek Murdoch is gearing up to train you right as kitteh-slave!

  5. Murdock looks just like my soul kitteh did at teh same age. I tells you, these silvery gray kittehs are the bestest in all teh land, sea, sky…in awl teh UNIVERSE!! You in lukk, Cheezepeep Formerly Know As KittehlessJon

  6. Looks like mai hart kitteh, NIchi…who wuz a eggstremely affectionate, funny, shoulder-riding boi.
    Mazel Tov, Murdoch & Jon!

  7. And wut a grayte eggspression: “Why yoo waste mai time wif dis pikture-taking? Get wif teh program, ie; worship, gushy-fuds, catnips & numerous eggspensib toys & cat furnitures for me tu eschew – nawt necessarily in dat order”

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