Problem Accessing the Noo Cheezland

Ohai, mj heer, passing along sum info frum Prysma.

Haz dis happened tu u??

Cholius reported, ” I tried to get onto the new Cheezland site ( this AM from my werk computer, but it said “Potentially Damaging Content” and would not let me on.”   Shii am nawt deh onlyest wun.  Prysma sez dat two people haz told hur bowt this and wii suspect dhere am more.    PK sez:

One of them got a clear error message about why.  Basically, the domain has “unusually high traffic for a very recent registration” and “Web Reputation Filters” have decided that this means it’s a malware site. “Domain reported and verified as serving malware.”

You’ve got me how they verified this. We’re only serving lols!!!

Seanya and I are working on it – this is a very high priority issue.

So, essentially, deh problem iz dat Cheezland am too popular!!  How the domain cud possibly be “Verified as serving malware” am a giant mystery tu mii.  Just wut, if anything, did they do to Verify this??   If any uv ower tekky peepz haz any ideas, plz tu speeking up.



7 thoughts on “Problem Accessing the Noo Cheezland

  1. I had subscribed to’s email advice for new posts and initially they went straight to my gmail spam folder, so gmail either did that because of the reputation or was the one to decide on its own and other sites are now seeking its opinion. The same thing happened with at least three emailed friend requests.
    I pushed the gmail “not Spam” button for all of them and all new ones have come to my inbox since. If gmail has learned from me then it might change its public opinion for others.

  2. Ai nawt a true tekkie, but wif da traffik dat we generates adn in spurts it culd look like we iz guilty ob spamitude.

    *When I worked for the fed. gov’t., at nawt sekund DOP was considered to be a site that was not “trusted” in IE. Under “tools” (most have that option) you can choose “internet options”, click on the security tab and add the site as a trusted site. That had to be done on individual’s ‘puters. Maybe that will help with most work places unless the IT peeps have restricted changes.*

  3. Jeuss mayek sheuur ebbreewun gytz deh meyssijj wehn wee faiyunuhlee habs tew stawp hawpskochhn aeraound, dey izz eeybeull adn iynkunsiddrut dewun dayut tew eus, wee izz jeuss taryan tew habs lossa LOLS wiff teh Keows

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