Gud Nooz Frum Rae

oh, lookit dis happytayl nooz I fownded in mai inbox frum Rae:


Ohai, cween mj!  Ai has teh gudgudgud gnus.  Last week mai sweet dotter gurl gotted a gnu kidnee!  She is doing berree well wiv teh trans plant, an we has a hyooj fank yew tew teh donor an hims famblee.  {{{{{donor and famblee}}}}}  It has been a long wait an we are berree happytaile!  Fanks tew awl uv cheezland for yor supportivness!


13 thoughts on “Gud Nooz Frum Rae

  1. Yuer dotteur izz naow habbyng ae berry GUDGUD laiyuf wiffaout habbyng tew dew enny moar daieeallasys skedjjeulz, izz wunneurmeuss adn wee awl habs ae haeypee foar heurr adn yew!! {{{{{Rae adn dotteur}}}}}

  2. Wot frabjous nooz, Rae! My sis-in-lore was a ‘stranjer donor’ and Ai haz an enormouse admire foar peeps hoo haz the jenner ossity two doing that! She’s akshewlee wun of free peeps ai know hooz benn livving kidnee donors, which am a mayzing! Free cheers four donors and their famblees. And four cheers fore ur dottir to recubber wif a kwikness!

  3. Congratumalashunz tew yore dottir, Rae!! Ai haz a happee fer awl ub yew!!!
    I’m listed as a willing donor for any- and everything anybody wants when I’m dedded, but this news just brings up HOW IMPORTANT it is to let your family know your wishes … and to REGISTER as a donor as well.
    Hope all goes swimmingly for your daughter and the rest of your family!!!
    {{{{{{{{Rae adn fambly}}}}}}}}

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