Cheezland B Looking fur LOLs

Cheezland uses 42 LOLs a week, plus 14 uncaptioned pixors.  If u haz LOLs lieing arownd on ur pooter, or on DOP, send dem on in.

Email to:
Subject: LolSubs

  • Your cheezname (or other name you want credit as)
  • All credits — image source, caption source, anything else relevant (pet’s name, etc.)
  • Any notes – if image(s) are oversized and you just can’t resize them, or captions you want to add, or theme day you’re submitting it for
  • Images you want to submit, with or without captions, OR links to where to find those images online

Prysma haz more complete info at

Prysma Sez:

The majority uv deh LOLz am coming frum teh same handful of peeps. Since ai trying for as much variety as pawsible (ai even trying to has at least one each day that nawt be a kitteh – but ai get a LOT of kittehs!) that makes keeping things stirred up a lil tricky. More am better because is more variety!

Ai haz an intense grateful to evreewun who has sended stuffs to me, the ones who has contributed dozzins an teh ones who has contributed one or two an teh ones between. Ai nawt want ennywun finking that they is unappreciated!!!! But we has many many peeps, and ai wud love to see submissions from teh peeps whu has nawt sended ennyfing in. We has such clever creative peeps!!!

BTW, peeps keep saying fings like, “Ai hope this is good enuff.” Srsly, peeps can just stop that. They’re ALL good enough. Unless it’s practically impossible to read the caption or is extensively ‘shopped it will get put in the same pool with the others, for me to fish ’em out of.  Ai wunder hao menny peeps are nawt sending me stuffs because they think it nawt good enuff? An that be a sad thing.


Photos that have been sent in for the “Caption Me!” spots now have their own gallery!

If you think of a caption for one:

  • Click on the DOWNLOAD link to get the full-sized pic (these will still be smallish, web-optimized files)
  • Save it on your computer
  • Add a caption  (dhere am linkz on Cheezland tu caption sites.)
  • Send it in – including who the photo was taken by

That’s all there is to it! Photos will be removed from the gallery when they’ve been used on the main site (or are scheduled for it, or added to an upcoming theme set) to reduce repetition.

To send either pics for the gallery or captioned lols, see the Submissions page.


We’ll has Theme Thursdays – just cause it alliterates.

Themes listed wifowt dates will happen approksimately when-ai-get-enuff-submishuns-tu-fill-a-day.  More themes will almost sertainly be added; these are wuns ai alreddy has multiplol submissions for. Sum may nawt be used after all (but probably will).

Themes that leed tu moar tehn 8 submissions may be repeeted or teh submisions may go into teh regular pool, depending hao menny submissions there are.

6 Sept – Music

13 Sept – Computers and Office

Health Care
Weird Places
On Safari / Exotics
Science and Physics
TV and Movies
Military (nicely, plzkthx)
On the Farm
Hunting Skillz (nawt ded fings, just showing off skillz)
In the Kitchen
Literary Aminlols
Monty Python
Terry Pratchett / Discworld
Belly Rubs
World Domination


8 thoughts on “Cheezland B Looking fur LOLs

  1. So iz yoo saying we cans goe to DOP adn retrieve teh lols we mades dere that didn’t make teh main paje adn sends dem to yoo? Dey is nawt teh property ob DOP?

    • lunarmommy fownded hip waders and slogged thru the DOP TOS in the nawt-sekkund day or so – they has permission to use ennyfing submitted, but it nawt belong to them, it belong to teh creator. Menny fings being posted came frum there. Trying avoid using frunt-page stuff, but there’s soooo much awsumness that got lost in the flood ober there! So plz tu feel free tu send stuff made at DOP, altho fur making new wuns, there be linkies on Cheezland to places online yu can add captions (and will add more as recommended).

      Just plz nawt email me an say, “yu can has evreefing on my profile, here be teh link” unless yu only has cupple-or-free pages. Ai has discovered taht taking muchness of thyme, altho it duz meen ai get to grab stuff peeps mite nawt has sended uvverwise.

    • Well…okay den…

      *nerbussly puts on hip waders adn CHRG w/doi, grabs a flashlight, says a novena, adn prepares to enter teh realm ob darkness adn sad….aka DOP… in serch ob mai long lost lols…*

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