• Bud says:

:D :D Ohai, peepz!!!! :D :D

I kin haz ur DEE Tenshuns plz??
:?: Wait, dat not rite. :?:
*finkz a minnit*

Kin I haz ur AY Tenshuns pls??
Ya, datz better.

Wii iz gonna haz a Howse Warming party tu sillybrate habbing ower noo home!! Wii b wanting tu show Prysma and Seanya how berry muchly wii appreciate awl deh hard work dey haz dun fur us to b habbing dis wunnerful place tu play.

Deh party am gonna b on Friday starting on deh Noon Cheezland Time lol.
Dat b
12 noon Eestern
11 am Central
10 am Mountain
9 am Pacific
5 pm TTI
And I not shur wut time/day dat b fur deh peepz in Oz. mebbe 9 am on Caturday??

Dhere will b singing and dancing and nomz and drinks!!! So git owt ur party clothes, find ur faborite songz, adn put on ur dansing shoos!! Wii will crank up deh Carry Okie machine and PAR~TAY!!


8 thoughts on “Party

  1. Not sure if you heard about the Internet Cat Video Festival, but here is their website:

    An article in the NY Times:

    The winning video:

    And a question – I saw you were asking forsubmissions. I browse a lot and they have tons of cat photos. Would you like me to send some your way? I’ll makde sure to mention it’s from Reddit and give you the username of the poster so you can give them credit on your website.


    • I’m only adding to the Gallery photos taken by (and sent in by) Cheezpeeps, and I’m giving preference to any captioned lols that were created by Cheezpeeps as opposed to being found online (there be bazillions of them online!). That said… if you come across a handful that are just crying out for captions, I don’t mind having a few available for the Caption-me spots as long as I have some idea where it came from. 🙂 There’s an updated Submissions page on the site wif all the details.

  2. I TOLDED yu!

    You can leev out the thanking bit, unless it gonna include lunarmommy fur all teh hard wurks on the archives project, and the cween fur being right behind us every step, and poussinboi and annipuss and cweenmj for being moderators and halping to fish comments from teh spam bukkit, and evree purrson who has submitted anyfing, an evree purson who has commented even to say Ohai, an evree purrson who contributed to teh hosting costs, an evree purrson who has halped anuvver purrson wif a question, an NC66 for teh comments-nesting-indent-fix, an….

    An lunarmommy sez, An onleekitteh an elsamama an kate_m an honeycakerabbit haz also been a big halp wif the archives project

    No thanking us unless evreewun also thanks selves and eech otter!!! An that includes Seanya an I thanking You (collektively)!!!

  3. Ohai! Mai Cween, akkording tu teh Whirrld Thyme Klok, Sydney, OZ am 14 howurz ahed ub Norf ‘Merican Eesturn Thyme. Sew, rite nao it’s 9:10am Wenzdey Septemburr teh 5rd in Noo York Sittee, an 11:10pm Wenzdey Septemburr teh 5rd in Sydney, OZ. Ai hoep dis halps. Kthxbai! ♥

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