Arkivez Project

Lunarmommy sendinged mii dis:

As of 9/8/12 Current stage of project: We have found everything that was linked from teh Cheez Town Cryer that is findable, though it would be a good idea for me (or someone who wants to) to double-check. At the Wayback Machine site, sometimes you have to try different archive dates to find the thing you’re looking for, and I seem to recall there were one or two things where I couldn’t find them right away at the Wayback Machine, so I’ll need to go back and re-check.

Right now I’d like to try to reconstruct as much of the Kimkiwi memorial as possible (we can no longer get access to the comments at ICHC, and they aren’t archived at the Wayback Machine). I have links to some of the LOLs that were made for her, thanks to poussinboi, and AngelPlume sent me the lyrics to Angie’s Papa’s song for KimKiwi. If anyone else has a song or LOL saved that they made for her, please post them at or emeow them to me: moon_momma at msn dot com.

Also, if anyone has an event or something memorable they’d like us to find, we can try to do that. ***Check the HAVES list first to see if we already have it.*** A title/description of the LOL it was on and/or the approximate date will help a lot. Please post requests and any relevant information at the Archive Project



One thought on “Arkivez Project

  1. Pouissinboi just reminded me of a resource I hadn’t thought of: If you were in the habit of subscribing to the comments on ICHC and think you might have saved any of those emails (from the KimKiwi memorial or from anything else we’re having trouble finding), take a look at your saved emails and let me know. kthx.

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