OZCATMUM hazza Nounsmints:

Ooooo  OCM am going travelling!!!  And shii b wanting tu meet hur Cheezeefrends!!!

International Cheezmeets!!!

I will soon be travelling through Canada, USA, UK and Ireland. Soon? OMG it’s this week!!!
On my way I hope to meet many Cheezpeeps.
Some of the arrangements are already in place. others are still being finalised.


Seattle Cheezmeet:

  • Sunday 16th September
  • Elliot’s Oyster House, Pier 69
  • Noon

Richmond Cheezmeet:     Mini meet  (Brit Columbia)

  • OzcatMum and Gunnersmama (and papa)
  •  Tuesday 18th Sept, dinner time
  • Thai restaurant, TBA
  • Is there anyone else close by?

Kingston Cheezmeet:   (Ontario)

  • Friday 21st September
  •  Pizza place TBA
  • 4 or 5pm (TBA)

Manhattan Cheezmeet:    (New York City)

  • Sunday 23rd September
  • Bryant Park Grill
  • Manhattan
  • 1.00pm (To be confirmed)

Arlington Cheezmeet:    (near Washington DC)

  • Thursday 27th or Friday 28th September
  • Stray Cat Cafe
  • Time? Dinner? Lunch?

Big Cat Cheezmeet:         (Tampa, Florida)

  • Sunday 30th September
  • Big Cat Rescue, Tampa
  • Time TBA


 Covent Gdn Cheezmeet:  (London)

  • Friday 5th October
  • Pizza cafe (name TBA)
  • Dinner time – 6pm?

Greenwich Cheezmeet:  (London)

  • Saturday 6th October
  • Greenwich Gardens, Pavillion Teahouse
  • Lunch time? 12.00?

Cardiff Cheezmeet:

  • Monday 8th October, Tuesday 9th October
  • Mini meet?
  • Any takers?

Bantry Cheezmeet:

  • Thursday 11th and/or Friday 12th October.
  • Somewhere near Bantry in West Cork, ireland.
  • TBA


Galway, Ireland?                13th October?

Dublin, Ireland?                        14th – 15th October?

I don’t really go to ICHC anymore and am not sure of the best way for peeps to let me know if they can make it to these meets.  Some of you already have let Jamamakitty know. Maybe if you comment here I can check in lots!!



34 thoughts on “OZCATMUM hazza Nounsmints:

  1. Ai’m sproosin uppity Nu Yawk wif sparklees adn ballooooons adn ribbons adn blue burds awl lyned uppity to say…”WELCOME CHEEZIES!!!!”

  2. Already an update! – Details for Kingston, Ontario –

    “Swiss Chalet” restaurant. The address is 85 Dalton Ave, Kingston, ON. K7K 6C2.
    This is off Division St. which is an exit off the 401 highway.

  3. O noes — anny otter Sundog ai coulds hab rushed down to teh Elliott Bay Oyster House but dat Sundog ai habs to goe to stoopy meeting after werkwerkchurch…

    *waves forlornly at OCM–welkums to Seattle anyway…*

      • Ai just chekked, oh nooooo’s!!! Ai bee als dae at werkwerkwerk, 2. Lubbly restaurant..seefud (nom-nom) & best ob als…cheezfrenz…!!!1!
        RL jus nawt berry fare sumdaes. Hab fun ebberyone!! Othermother bee
        wishin’ hersef was wif you!! Smooo ‘n’ hedbonk, deer OCM

      • Good gnus!! I haz cleered it wiff mai fambly and wif Ceiling Cat and I will be comings tu meetchoo awl dis Sunnydae in Skeddadle!! 😀 😀 😀
        I haz such a hyooj happee!
        *runz fore a note pad adn speshull, onlee-impotent-stuffs pencil*
        *stikks tung owt uv mouf adn rites*
        O-y-s-t-e-r… H-o-u-s-e… n-o-o-n…
        so excited!

  4. Habs ae GUD tryp adn meeytz alla deh peeps dayut izz waeytun tew sai hai tew yew adn taeykk mennee pyxxrz ub deh haypee faeyssus dayut awr habbun lawtza feun adn habbn gud noms tew, ai izz iyun St. Louis sew ai woeyunt sea yew beut wyl iinjoi teh pyxxrz ubbit!!

  5. You’re missing California. maybe next time? (yes, I know, but I would like to meet you) It sounds like a fab trip. enjoy.

  6. Ohai OCM! Ai *mite* bees ablol tu maek it tu Tampa! Ai’m in teh suvvern-moast tip ob Souf Carolina, abowt 4-5 howers frum tehre. Wilol awl diipend awn teh (pleh) budjit. *Flys awff tu gavver up awl teh chanj inn piggehbank*

  7. Ai’m sew bummed! Ai hafta work taht Sunday you’re in Seattle. 😦 Ai wooduv loved tew have met you and any udder cheezpeeps that came, tew! Oh, the Huge Manatee!!!

      • Errr…ackully Gallup pull sez only 4% ub Skedaddle peeps sit inna pew wif regularity…an’ dis kitteh finks our employers takez advantage ob it. Jus sayin’…… eveer one needz dair’ weakend fun’n’rest!!!1!! still sighin’,

  8. We rotate weekend shifts at my lab, once every 7 weeks now, with less staff than before. And sadly, I just traded weekends last week for someone who needed that weekend off. Don’t think I can get anyone to cover at such short notice. What are you doing for dinner? I could show up, around 8, sew you might be on dessert, butt(!) ai wood still getta meetcha!

  9. Ohai All – Sopranomommy lives in Richmond and I (Fredsmom) live an hour away. I might be able to get there if someone will tell me exact times and places so I can find it. And Murriel Lum lives in Bantry so we might contact her too!!!

    you can reach me best at work – mkr9u@virginia.edu -


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