Asti am in the Meddow

Dis b frum ‘Niser.  I b posting it wif deh leeky aiz.  😥

Deerist Cheezfrenz,

Fanks tu awl hu kayme tu mai reskyoo lass nite in mai darkest ower. Ai am awlwayz amayzd at teh wunnermuss, hartfelt commints dat comez fru mai pyooter lyke a lubbing pare ob armz, circling mee wif a warm unlyke enny uzzer.

Tuday ai tuuk Asti intu teh V-E-T. Hurr wayed onlee 3.6 powndz. Hurr wuz eggstreemlee deehydratid, witch teh V-E-T sez iz Y hurr nawt ablol tu swallow. No salivas. Der wuz no obstrukshunz in hurz esofaguss az ai hadd hoapt der wuud bee–sumfing fixablol. Teh V-E-T sez iz sumfing beeg an unscene dat iz cawzing it awl, lyke kidney failyer oar hyperthyroyd. Hurr offerd tu injekt teh floowidz unner teh skinz, butt (!) wuud onlee helf foar a littlol wyle. Asti wuz basikallee starvin tu deff, an ai nawt bears tu seez dat. Ai had tu mayke teh tuff choyse an let mai littlol gurl go.

Sew, Asti iz in teh guudguudguud handz ob teh nite watchman and making frenz wif awl teh hart kitties an goggies dat habs gone afore hurz. Hurr iz nawt suffering lyke teh lass fyoo daze, an hurr libbed a guud, lawng lyfe tu getz tu sebbenteen.

Ai wil awlwayz merember hurr lyke dis: Ai wokkt in teh doar ob teh shelturr 17 yeerz ago, and hurr seez me an iz dancin rownd an rownd in circlolz. Ai openz teh doar ob teh caje, an hurr literalee jumpt intu mai armz. Ai luuks at hubcat an sez, “Well, ai gawtz myne!” Hurr pickt mee! An ai trooly feelz lyke ai wun teh kitteh lotteree, hurr haz bin teh bestest littlol gurl a mama cuud hoaps fore!

Gibs yore bebbehs a nextra hugg tunite foar mee. Yore faythful cheezfren,



49 thoughts on “Asti am in the Meddow

  1. Oh, Niser, I am so sorry for your loss. At least you have the comfort of knowing how loved Asti was, and that you did the kindest thing for her. Bless you and know that some froggy arms are holding you tight all the way from Tecksus.
    {{{{{{{{Niser, Asti, adn fambly}}}}}}}}

  2. Deer Niser-diz msot lubberlee ub stawries abowt haow yoor litlol gril fownd yoo. Ai hazza soree fur yoo. {{{{{{Niser, Asti adn lubbed wons}}}}}}}}

  3. ‘Niser my friend…you are a wonderful kitteh momma and you did the right thing for your baby. I think Asti knew you were too good to pass up when she saw you in the animal shelter. I’m sorry you had to say goodbye to her but I’m glad she is not suffering. {{{{‘Niser}}}} ❤

  4. Ai haz teh leeky aiz, tu. {{{{{{{{{‘Niser}}}}}}}}} Cheez-huggz tu yoo nd yur fambly. Ai noze hao hard it am tu maek dose desishuns, nd hao emty yurhoem feels rite nao. Yoo habs LOADS ob frends lovign yoo rite nao, and sharign yur greef.

  5. Iz agreez wiff teh odder komentz…Iz so sorre 4 yur loss. Ai losted my Ebony teh same way mane yeers ago. Ai keep hoping dat wen teh time komz, Ai kan goez to teh meadow, ttoo, weer ai kan be wiff mah liddol oens agin. Peace n blessings be upon yew n yurz
    {{{{{‘Niser n fambley}}}}}

  6. Niser, i enjoyed reading yur how yu met Asti story and winning the kitteh lotteree, so sweet.
    {{{{{{{{{{Niser, Asti and fambleee}}}}}}}}}}}}

  7. so sawree tu heer bowt Asti – yu noes yu did the rite, luvving thing fur yoor gurl.
    Yu muss hab sew menny happytayle memrees tu cherish.
    {{{{Niser and famblee and deer Asti}}}}

  8. Ai has such a big sorry for dis gnus. Mai iis are leaky tew. Teh lubs betweens yoo adn Asti radiates frum teh page when yoo tawks abowt how yoo finded each ovver. Dat lub is unchanged adn forebber — iz onlee teh bodies dat habs to stawp. Iz sew hard nawt to habs dere soft furs to touch adn dear beautimus eyes to luklukluk into. But Asti is lubbing yoo just as much as ebber rite nao, adn feeling yoor lub for her. She’s joining teh big argument…er, diskusshun, in teh meadow wif awl teh animlols saying “dere! luklukluk at dat wun — dat’s mai mawm/dad! Mine’s teh bestbestbest!” Yoo gibbed her wundermus hoem adn teh lubs will just groe and groe until yoo sees her agin in teh meddow. Adn yoo dids teh hardest but kindest fing a mawm can do — yoo let her spirit go be free adn well adn strawng.

    {{{{{{{{Niser adn famblee}}}}}}}}}

  9. Oh ‘Niser, mai aiz ar berry leeky now, speshully after heerin hao yu wunned teh kitteh lotterie. Ai hoaps taht yu feelz betta soon, iz horriblol feelins wen yu loozes a kitteh. I (adn Tommy) ar sendin lawts ov luvs adn beems tu yu adn yur fambly frum TTI {{{{{‘Niser, famblee adn liddlol Asti}}}}} xxxxxxxx

  10. {{{{{{{‘Niser}}}}}}} I’m so sorry to hear of Asti’s passing, but believe with all my heart that you gave her one last gift of love by letting her go. You adn yore fambly adn Asti had sebenteen yeers of lubs adn laffs adn rememories, adn dat’s sumfing to hoald on to. Ai lubs yore story ob hao seh pikked yu owt at teh shelter. Seh gnu yu wuds always tayk cayr ob hur, adn yu did. {{{{{{{Asti}}}}}}}

  11. ‘Niser: My heart is so sad adn my eyes are so leaky. Ai’z so sorry dat Asti am gone. You two were a team, no doubt about it. Her iz playing wif all my heart kittehs too. Aifinkso TuffGuy haz greeted hur wiffa happy chase.

  12. wot iz… (for ‘Niser, Asti adn fambly)

    wot iz luv wen nott tugevver ?
    wot iz luv if nott tu shayr ?
    wot iz luv if nott forevver ?
    wot iz luv wen yoor nott tehre ?

    wot iz payn if nott tihs partin ?
    wot iz payn hao do ai sae ?
    wot iz payn wen yoor nott wif me ?
    wot iz payn if nott tudae ?

    wot haz we if nott teh fyoocher ?
    wot ar teerz spilt for a frend ?
    wot iz tiem butt spayse tu greev in ?
    til taht dae we meetz agen !

  13. Dear Niser, I am sorry to read about Asti. I am sending you beems and hugs of light and love. It is hard when our little ones leave us but to watch them suffer is harder. I know you know this but tell you to remind you that you did what was needed. Mareelouise

  14. It was a hard decision you made for Asti, but such a loving one. I wish for you all the many happy memories of seventeen years, so that you can smile along with your tears. {{{{{{{{Niser & Family}}}}}}}}

  15. Niser …. I am so sorry … my eyes are leaky. i know how hard it is to say goodbye,,,Asti will always lubs you an you did a bery lovin thing. hugs & prayers.

  16. O, ‘Niser… ai hazza hyooj sad fur yoo an yur fambly! Ai hoeps dat thyme will bring yoo peese, an dat yoo can find komfurts, lubs, peese, an hugzs wif fambly an frends during dis awflol thyme. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{‘Niser}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Asti, fanksyoo fur being sucha wunnurmus kitteh fur yur fambly… dey sends peesiz ub dere harts wif yoo. Plz tu saying hai tu mai LucyGoggie, k? An tells hur dat hur Mawmaw missez hur sew berry mush. Kthx!

  17. ‘Niser, ai be sew sawrey for yur loss. Ai noes hao much dis hurts, but yu gibbed her da gift ob freedom frum pain. (((((‘Niser)))))

  18. Niser, ai hab leekee aiz foar yew adn Asti, den ai reddz weht sunovawot rote adn wuz gaown wiff eh aiyz aegyn.
    Wun dae dere wyl bee ae ree yew nyun laiyk yew habs neevur seed beefoar, dass wehn yew wud joeyn alla deh deer liddl feurree Keows adn Goggies dayut habs tew leev yew heeyr, oelknee naow izz yeur teurn tew sea deym!!
    {{{{{{{{{{Niser adn Asti}}}}}}}}}}

  19. Oh, Niser, I kept checking Cheezland, hoping that you had some good news. I’m so sorry. But I’m glad that you and Asti had so many happy years together and that she left you with wonderful memories.

    Hard as it was, you did the best, most loving thing.


  20. ((((((‘Niser adn Asti adn famblee))))))) Ai has such leekee ayes fur ur loss. Ur bebbeh is happi adn well adn strong in da meadow. adn ai beleeb dat u will see Asti again. It is a bond that is unbroken adn furebbur….

  21. (((‘Niser))) I’m so sorry for your loss – and ours, too, because you shared your Asti wif us and our eyes leak, too. The way you describe Asti is what I would want my kitteh to be. 😦

  22. {{{{{‘niser an asti}}}}} i’z sorry to heer this, an that Asti culd not get better. yoo gibbed her a good long happy life, an wen it wuz time for her to moov on, yoo did not letting her suffer any more. i hope yor gud memrees will gibbing yoo comfort.

  23. Asti pikked yu at teh shelter adn she gnu yu wud luv adn cherish hur rite to teh end. Hur memries wil fil teh hole seh haz left in yur hart. Mai iize leek wiv yu.

    {{{{{{{Niser adn Asti adn fambly}}}}}}}

  24. Fank Q wun an awl foar teh jennerus owtporing ob lubs an supportz!! Wee awl noez, wee awl bin der, wee awl habs mayde teh tuff choysez soez ower littlol wuns nawt sufferz.
    Ai tells yu a storee. Yesserday ai wuz drybin hoam frum werks rite arownd sunset. Az ai luuks in mai reer vyoo mirror, teh Western sky iz alite wiffa wunnermuss pinkee, peachee glo. Az ai drobe awn, awl teh klowdz inna skye lit up wiffa pinkee glo, until teh hole skye wuz lit, warm an beeyootimuss an brefftaking. Ai hadz teh feelink ob peas in mai hart. Ai am shur dis sho wuz nawt put awn speshullee foar mee, butt (!) ai cuudn’t takes mai mynd awf ob Asti. Hurr wuz dat lyte foar mee, sew ful ob lyfe an sew ful ob lubs foar hurz mama. Run an play littlol wun, an doan’t fret. Ai bee der afore yu noez it.

  25. I’m so sorry, ‘Niser! Your bebbeh picked a wunnefull hoomin-mommy and you gibbed her a wunderful lyfe and a dignified passing to the meddow. {{{{{‘Niser}}}}}

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