CheezMeet in deh Big Applol

Lookee wut landifyinged in mai inbox frum Damommza:

A tent shun!! A tent shun!! Ozcatmum is comin!! Ozcatmum is comin!!  Ozcatmum will be in teh BIGBIGBIG APPLOL on Sunday, September 23th at the Bryant Park Grill at 1:45  fur teh nommifyin and shoomzin!  
So far, we haz tehse cheezpeeps kornfirmed!! If yoo DO NAWT see yoor naem heer butt(!) wyll be tehre owr wnat MOER info, pleez tu notify damommza (taht wuld be me) at:
damommza AT aol DOT com
To be sure taht we haz teh korrikt nom burrs fer teh restOrant,
Ai haz korn firmed:
Pleeze tu let me know if uvers is wantin to coem! 😀



3 thoughts on “CheezMeet in deh Big Applol

  1. Did I miss her in Richmond, VA? Is she still coming to Richmond?

    Would like to try to meet her if I can make my life work that way.


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