Bancoober Cheezmeet Report

Frum Gunnersmomma:

Just a kwik note tu catching peepz up awn Ozcatmum’s bizzit tu Bancoober. Wii onwlee had a fyoo owers, butt (!) wuz a lubby thyme all teh saym! Hubcat Steve and ai pikked OCM up at hur hotel, den dribed tu a Thai restyront neerby. Ai had emayoed hur erlyer an axed whut type ub fud hur lyked. Thai wuz teh choys. (YAY!) We snarfed daon menny taystee fings, shode eech uvver pixors ub ar fambleez (maylnee fur-bebbehs),den had tu tayk hur bak tu teh hotel. Ai hadda sad. Wantid menny moar owers wiff such an ufn, nyse laydee. Well, dat’s abowt it. Heer a a fyoo pixors frum teh restyront.

Schmooz tu awl Cheezpeeps!!

Plz tu notiss ar matcheen kitteh-skarffs!

OCM, gm an hubcat Steve.


6 thoughts on “Bancoober Cheezmeet Report

  1. Ohai! It soundifies wundermus — OCM, yoo jus’ habs to come back again soon!!! Ai wuz sew sorry nawt to be ables to meet yoo in Seattle. Adn GM, neggst tiem mebbe yoo culds come down (down, rite? is Bancoober BC? Yoo is up adn left frum mii?) to meets in Seattle?

  2. Ai had a lubblee tiem wiv Gunnersmama an Steve. Fankees to bofe ov u sew much for teh wunnerful tiem an teh berry tastee dinner!! Ai hoep i can comming back sum tiem or u can comming to Horse trailier to bizzit me. *schmoos to liddlol Henry*
    {{{{{{Gunnersmama an Steve}}}}}}

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