Skottish Wyld Kittehs

JD b sending dis information tu us.  Dese am berry wild wildcatz!!  

Dese kittehs be kritikally endanjured, wib sumwhere between 35 adn 100 lefted in teh wyld. Teh hope iz dat tehy can get dem to breed in captibity, to restore teh populayshun.

Thymes aer tuff, sew I nawt eggspecting ennywun to buy Skotland adn sayb dem awl adn snuggle dem adn snorgle dem adn cawl dem Jorje. (Which wud ownli confuzzle dem ennyway. Jorje isn’t reely a Skots naym.)  Butts we can sens dem our fawts adn mebee helpify wib any local consurvayshun fingy to helps prevent obber kitteh speeshees adn obber animolololols getting into teh saym situashun.

Click here to visit the Scottish Wildcat Association

4 thoughts on “Skottish Wyld Kittehs

  1. It breaks my heart to know there are so few truly wild cats left: small or large. We are seeing more and more species on the brink of disaster.

    • Dis be tru, butt effurts to reskoo dees speeshees iz unnerway adn dat meens der is hoep. Der hab been speeshees ekwally endangered, such as teh Amerkan Bawld Eegull dat hab been reskood adn recobbered, sew it can be dun.

      Captib breeding iz counterverseshul wib sum embyromentalists, az it prodooces a narrow jean pool, butt it duz wurk adn jeans ebentually diversify, iffen gibben lawng enuff.

  2. GUDGUD leuk tew deh Skawttysh Waiyuldkayutz, izz wyld Keows dayuts iyun tereubbl inna wyuld, sea iyf dey kud keum bayuk wiff ae liddl heyulp form deh hyeumunnz, dey izz liybbn bai deur wytz ennywai, WEE sheud gibs deyum plenny ub rheum soe dey wud seurbyb, wee izz iyunkroeychn awn dere taerruhtoeree, sayudlee dass haow speesheez gytz peusshd aot ob iggzissteunss, wee izz taeykn alla layund kuzz wee kneadz tew maeyk moar MUNNEEZ!!

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