VLC Cheezmeet Report

  1. Ohai! Cheezmeet over! Was teh awsum!

    Ozcatmum an luvsorinjwuns be looking a lil tired, an ai nawt suprized wif all teh runnings arown an eggsitements! But we hadda good supper wif lotsa fun talkings an lotsa hugs and sum pixors an whyle we was sitting there a rainbow camed owt, big an brite an bootiful, cud see it thru teh window.

    Kittehs was silleh an a bit shy wif OCM an LOW, ai nawtfinkso tehy ever saw Freya at all! But Trick maked tehm feel teh welcome, wif all hims mite. :-) An 4point5kittehs drived Seanya an ai home so her cud see the kittehs, her nawt seed Corybear since him was a teeny rugrat, an her gotted tu see alluvem. Freya falled in luv wif her, no shyes at all, was all “pet me here an here an here and here an here all at wunce plzkthx.”

    OCM an LOW hazza erlee erlee moarning, an we hazza hoping they getting gud sleeps bai nao, an we hopes OCM haz teh frendlees an teh safes fur teh rest of teh Grate Journee, an taht 4.5k getting home safe an comes back soon. :-)

    Oh, an evreewun has nu toys fur tehir kittehs, even if OCM’s nawt getting rite away! :lol: Hopes tehy haz half the fun with them taht we just had!


3 thoughts on “VLC Cheezmeet Report

  1. Wow adn wow! OCM muz bee egg sorztid bai naow butt(!) wot a wunnermus toor, wif cheezmeets awl ober teh whirld, kittehs two! Ai hoeps teh restt ob teh toor be gud, adn mebbe herz can mete Lawah in Oirladn?

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