A Nowns Mint

oooo….. noooz frum MuggleMary!  

*mugs runs in, owt ob breth an pant pant panting*
ohai mai leej!
ai haz a nowns mint!  wun is cawled “severus snape”, an teh odder wun bii “phineas nigellus’
fotos will follow, ai fergits tew bring wirey fing tew put on laptop.
Tehy bii berree kyoot, obiwan an ai jus sits bakk an wachings teh kitteh kapades an laff an laff. jus whut teh dockturr oardered.

Alsew, ai bi owt ob jawb as ob 10-18. ai reddee tew dew teh unemploymint fur a whyle.
Schmoos tew all!
*runs bakk owt again, wavin floofee paws tew awl*


8 thoughts on “A Nowns Mint

  1. Mae yeur eunumpliiymeunt go smeuvvlee adn yew bee aeybeul tew gytta nuvvr jaoub wifakwykness anna raeys iyun pae tew!!

  2. Oh Muggs, ai sew happytaylol foar yu! Teh noo kittehs R dorablol, an ai noes yu needid a brake frum teh (pleh!) werks. Hugs tu yu, obiwan, an teh noo bebbeh bois!!

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