pixors frum mugglemary

Deh twin basement kittehs b deh wunz hoo haz adoptifyed Mugglemary.
Deze am pixors deh foster mom had tooked. 

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16 thoughts on “pixors frum mugglemary

  1. Mennee Keows dere, ai izz beyttn yew dayut wehn dey izz awl up adn playun teh haous izz bippn adn boppn wiff Keows reunnun ebbreewaer adn leepun awun eeych ubbur iyun hai speeyd inna gud naeycheurud haiyd adn seeyk!!

  2. AWwwww, love it! The twins look sleeek and beeyuteeful. They look like my Kato and Larry, two ob the best, ever! Congarats Mugglemary! I’ll bet they’re nutty and fun.

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