Attention Florida Peeps

Ohai dhere Cheezpeepz!

Catena will b biziting deh Orlando/Tampa area.  I (cweenmj) will b meeting hur at deh Big Cat Rescue on October 22 fur deh tour at 3 pm.  Any and awl Cheezpeepz am welcome tu joining us!  Please tu arriving about 1/2 hour early to get checked in.  Deh Big Cat Rescue am a sanctuary, nawt a zoo, so you cannot just walk around by urself, u must b escorted bai deh tour guide.

Deh Big Cat Rescue am located at 12802 Easy Street, Tampa, FL.


3 thoughts on “Attention Florida Peeps

    • W00t W00t! Catsablanca will b dere wif bells awn! Well, nawt akshully bells, bcuz taht mait disterb teh big kittehs. Ai is werkwerkwerking taht dae till 1:00, so fud afturs is gud fur mii. Eggsited!!

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