Support Ur Local Cheezland

Dis b frum deh frunt page uv Cheezland, in case u haz nawt seeinged it.

Okay, here’s the situation:
NOT counting themes or uncaptioned pics, I currently have 330 LOLs waiting to go on the FP.
Sounds like a lot, right?
240 of those are by the same 6 contributors.
Top 12 contributors have sent in a whopping 297 out of 330 LOLs.
I’m trying to make sure that no one person gets the FP too often, but that is becoming srsly difficult.
Those of you in the top 5 or top 12, thank you, I know I’m not the only one who loves you for it! Without you, there wouldn’t be much of a site.
Those of you who aren’t – go check the How-To on finding pics to caption. Go browse through the Gallery. Go retrieve stuff from your profile at DOP. Look at pics of your own furkids and caption them. Whatever. But make LOLs and send them in. No silliness about “I hope this is good enough.” It will be.

Edited to add for comparison: every week there are 56 posts. Of these, 36 are non-theme-day captioned LOLs.

Note frum mj:

PK  am doing an awsum job.  But shii b needing LOLz frum ebbreewun (eben lurkers) to keep deh Cheezland fresh and vibrant.  U kin sending in ur lolz.  Yes, U!!  😎  I knowz u gotz lolz.  😎  And wii wantz tu seeing dem.  Fur info on how tu submit LOLz, check owt deh Submissions page.


6 thoughts on “Support Ur Local Cheezland

  1. Fanks, mai cween. I KNOW there am lots of wunnerful funny clever lols owt there. If peeps need teknical halps, then ask – iz menny peeps happy tu halp in menny ways.

    • Ohai, nightowl_dreamer!!!
      DOP am Dat Ozzer Place — ICHC.
      And YES!!! u kin submit any lolz u made using dheir LOL maker. Eether old LOLz u made a earlier, oar u kin use it tu make LOLz now and submit dem tu Cheezland.

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