Cheezpeep Needz Lubz & Letters

Something really bad has happened to a cheezpeep – Terri Ybarbo, aka everyonesxwife. Her son committed suicide a week ago. Judging by a rather long public post she made on her FB profile , this was a lifelong battle. The amount of pain she’s in is off the scale.

Terri says:

Thank you everyone for your words of love and support.

Will you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do something for me?
PLEASE send me a card, a letter, or a note – old-school.
I am a very visual, tactile person.
I have to be able to touch things, hold things, run my fingers over them time and time again, for them to be real.

I have EVERY birthday card, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Get Well that has been given to me since I was a small child.
I have every note my grandmother ever wrote me.
I have every tiny card that arrived with flower arrangements, each with the name and date neatly printed on the back.

Every time I sit down at the computer my eyes well up with tears until I am blinded.
Every time I try to talk to someone, on the phone or in person, the sobs rise up from my heart into my throat and choke away my voice.
Every time my eyes meet those of someone who loves me or loves Jamie, my knees go out from under me and I fall into a heap on the floor and Mark has to pick me up and take me back to my bed.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if it is not too much trouble, PLEASE send me a note, a picture, a card, or a letter – ANYTHING that I can hold in my hands.
Mark will read it to me and I will wrap them all lovingly in a ribbon and sleep with them and keep them forever.
Every time I hear Jamie’s voice in my ear saying, “No one loved me, no one cared if I lived or I died. I might as well be dead” I will have your letters, cards, notes, pictures, WHATEVER you have the time to sit down and address to me – even if it is a postcard with nothing but your name on it – to have and to hold, to remind me that he was WRONG.


Terri’s snail mail addy disguised to keep deh spammerz away:

ate tree nine wun on Andover Dribe in deh town uv Silsbee in deh gr8 state uv Texas wif deh zippy nomber seben seben sicks fibe sicks.



30 thoughts on “Cheezpeep Needz Lubz & Letters

  1. Thanks you, mai cween. I am praying for Terri as i type. I am holding her in my heart. As you know, i am in the middle of a move, and may not remember to send a note, but i will definitely try. And i will continue to pray. GOD bless you for bringing this to our attention.
    All my love —janey

  2. Done and done Mai Cween. You are so kind to do what you can to bring some comfort to those in pain.
    Hugs to you and my thoughts are with Terri.

  3. Sending a card right now and filling it with love and hugs. Thanks so much for letting us know. I cannot begin to imagine the pain she is feeling right now. If you are reading this, Terri, please know that your cheezfrens are here for you.

    • Thank you Cattails. I got your wonderful card and it is well-worn with hugs and tears. You are so very kind and genuine. Thank you.

  4. Ohai Mai Cween. It tuk furebber tu bii fidning a kard dat didnint says Murry Criskmus, Happitayle Birfdai oar Fankees; butt Ai fownded wun dat eben hazza splortaschious kitteh onnit. Owt it gowez in teh moarningz mayle. Becuz Ai kare. Adn Jamie wuz WRONGWRONGWRONG Terri, you are loved. Don’t listen to the voices that tell you otherwise. They are jealous because they didn’t believe in love. Have Mark print out these comments so you can hold on to them too. Tie them up with the ribbon I’m sending and know that there are total strangers out there who care about you!
    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hedbonks, hugz adn healing beemz to awl who needz dem)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • Thank you Momchan. I have your beautiful card and the ever-so-special ribbon for bundling all my cards together. Your words of kindness and love mean so much to me. I did not know how to find the Town Cryer so I am reading this message for the very first time. I think your idea about printing this page and adding it to my cards and letters is a GREAT idea! Thank you so very much, Again.
      Lots of Love to You and Yours

  5. O mai qween you are very special to post this for the cheezpeeps. I cannot comprehend the pain that Terri is going through but I am sending a card together with my thoughts.

    • Thank you so much Tulipcat for the beautiful card.
      I have it bundled with the others and just read it again last night.
      Your Love and Support has meant so much to me.
      Thank you again.

    • Thank you icanhasanimlols. Did you sign your card with your “normal worldly” name because I did not find one by this name? (and I do NOT know your “real” name, sorry!)
      Even if you never got a chance to send me a card it does not matter, I love you for this message right here.
      Thank you so very much.

  6. Fankyoo, deer Qween, fur sharing dis sad sew teh Cheezpeeps can sumhow halp Terri. Unfortunately, I do have some knowledge of what she is going thru. My deer, sad, tormented husband Randy did dis 13 years ago. Granted, losing a husband this way is not at all on the level of losing a child to their own hand, but I do know the feelings that are sweeping over her right now. I could not have made it thru that time were it not for the love and support of many of my friends and family…I did not have Cheezfrens then, but I’m so glad that Cheezewhirld is here for her now. I will send her a note and a card today.

    • Thank you turtlol for your words here and your wonderful card.
      I pulled them all out last night and read them all again.
      I am constantly amazed how this community has come together to send me love and support in my darkest hour.
      Thank you again.

  7. Oh my, such sad news. This hits close to home for me too; an aunt that raised me. It was in 1971 and it still haunts me. I’m hunting a card to send.
    Beems to Terri and Mark. Hold and help each other as much as you can; I know you’re both suffering.

    • Thank you OnleeKitteh for everything. What name did you sign your card with? I want to make sure I have all the proper ICHC names with the “normal world” names so I don’t leave any one out.
      Your words have been a salve on my heart and I truly appreciate everything you have done.
      Thank you again.

    • Thank you Shepmom.
      I accept prayers and well-wishes from ALL denominations, including Ceiling Cat.
      Thank you for the peace, comfort, and healing you sent my way.

  8. Dearest Terri, words cannot adequately express the sorrow I feel for you. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Beems to you and to Mark. {{{{{{{{{{Terri & Mark}}}}}}}}}}.

    My Cween thank you for posting this. When I was out shopping on Caturday, I found a beautiful card to send. It might take a couple of weeks to arrive as I live in Australia.

    • Thank you shadowcat77.
      I received your incredible card and Mark has read it to me many times. Thank you for the beems for Mark and me, we really needed them.
      With Much Love, Thank you.

  9. I saw this post and had a turrible sad for her son. Will be sending out a letter wif lots ob kitty luvs!!! Thanks fer the sharing.


    • Thank you Michele for your kind words of love and support.
      I did not find a letter in “this name”, could you have signed it with your ICHC name?
      I read over all of them again last night.
      They have become so important and special to me.
      Thank you for all your love and support.

  10. Fankees cween – Ai ran aowt n fownd a kard n sent it rite awayee. Ai hope Ai got da addy rite. How is she doing? (Mai kard had a short ting abowt “simple words”)

  11. There were also a few cards, letters, and donations from anonymous peeples. I have a strong feeling that they are from Cheezpeeps.
    Whoever you are, I want to Thank You too for taking the time and effort to send me words of encouragement, love, and support.
    Thank you for the generous donation and the referral to the Grief Support Group.
    You are all wonderful and caring people and I could not have survived my son’s death without all of this love and support from all over the world.
    And to the person who sent me the rainbow heart to wear inside my bra over my broken heart, that was such a special gift. I want you to know that I used medical tape to keep it in place for the first 3 weeks because I stayed in bed and was not wearing a bra.
    Your heart helped protect my heart as it struggled to heal.
    And Last but not least, My Dear Queen, THANK YOU, Your Majesty for all that you have done for me.
    It goes beyond anything required of you and I know and appreciate that EVERY day.
    Cheezpeeps are unique and wonderful people capable of great things and I love them all.
    Thank you.

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