Sparkysmom in Assisted Libbing

Dis b frum Cattails:

Cheezpeeps hab been asking for an uppydate on our dear cheezfrend Sparkysmom, aka Melody Colville, and I’m very sorry I haven’t said much lately. We can’t let Mel fink we have forgotten about her. It has been over six monfs since Mel had her medical crisis. After her heart surgery she was discharged from the horsespittle to a nurfing home for a couplol a monfs and now has moved to assisted living. She has her own liddle partment and peeps to halp her when she needs it. She is still getting dialysis three times a week, week week and this is very hard on her. She is taking physical ferapy so she can get strong enuf to eventually go hoam sweet hoam. Right now she uses a wheely chair and a walker for support but she am getting moar betterer and stronger.
She has truble concentrating and being on the compooter so we still won’t see her playing much in Cheezland. If you have a mind to, it wud be very nice if you wud drop her a note or card in the mail and let her know her cheezfrens haven’t forgotten her.
Here is her address diguised to hidifying frum teh spammers
Emeritas Assisted Living locatingifyed at tuu zero zero Norf Dale, Apartingment nomber twu wun wun, in deh sitty uv Anaheim in deh state uv Californya wif deh zippy code nien tew ate zero wun.

4 thoughts on “Sparkysmom in Assisted Libbing

  1. We have not forgotten about you! I remembered back when you first got sick and your friends asked for prayers and beems for you. i sent them then and I will do so again now. I hope you get a little better every day, without any setbacks, and that you get to go home real soon to be with those you love. I know it is sad to be away for so long, and it must be lonely where you are even if they are taking very good care of your. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love and healing beems your way.

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