JD Katt Haz a Giant Sad

  • kan sumbuddy calz teh farmanz???
    dey com fur teh kittehs…mabe dey wud com fur teh goggie?
    …aifin ai iz gitin a skered…
    hao bouts a hug den??

    … ennybuddy??


    /speek off
    I am sorry I have been absent this past week.
    This is truly the very worst week of my entire life.
    Wednesday I lost my Mom and I have been doing the details.
    I just have not been very good at all.
    Please, go and hug those your love.
    Fur, Feathers, skin and all in between.

31 thoughts on “JD Katt Haz a Giant Sad

  1. Heer awr heuggz adn beemz foar yew dayut wud beryng sum clamz adn pees, wee izz heer ayut ENNYTAIYUM ub deh dae oar nyt fahr yew wiffa heuggz adn unnurstayundun tew, wee habs awl hayud dys haypen tew eus tew adn wehr heylpd bai teh cheezpeeps heer
    BEEMZ faor yew >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    adn heuggz tew {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{JDKatt}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. Awww, sawree fur yur loss, JD. Mai Dadcat wentid ober teh Bridj awn teh 5th ob dis munff, adn Ai noes hao menny deetayls dere am tu handlol wen dat happins. Menny, menny hugs tu yoo adn yurs. {{{{{{{{{JD adn Fambly}}}}}}}}}

    • O noes! Ai rap yoo in mai floofy arms, tuu, k?
      {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Kestrela}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} An ai sends yoo beemz ub peas an cawm an strengf an lubs, tuu. Lawts an lawts ub lubs!!!1! ♥♥♥

      • Fanks, sneezeecat! Hugs bak tu yoo! Him is much happier nao…back wiff mai momcat, adn free ob teh bodee dat hurted awl teh thyme. Him tole meh he’s playign golf adn eben dansdansdansign wiff momcat!

    • Kestrela, I’m sorry for your loss too. >>>>>>>>>>>>Sending beems of love & comfort>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. And many hugs as well {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Kestrela}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}. I have plenty for you too if you need them.

      • Ohai shadowcat! Ai just saw teh lubberly noets dat ebbrywun sent. Aisle taek awl teh hugs ai can get! Teh gud fing abowt beign a medium is dat ai gets tu talk wiff my deerlee departed moar nao, than wen dey still wore bodees! We can has a di-wreck line nao! Fanks and hugs bak!

  3. O, JDKatt, ai cannawt begin tu tell yoo hao mai hart brayks fur yoo. Ai lostid mai Dadcat fore yeerz ago neckst munf, an eben doe we noo him wuz terminlolly ill, ai wuz nawt purrpared fur teh debistayting blow it wuld be. Ai rap yoo in mai floofy armz an gib yoo beeeeeeeeeeeg hugzs…
    An ai sends yoo beemz ub peas an cawm an strengf an lubs… sew mush lubs!!!1! ♥♥♥

  4. JD Katt, ai iz sew sorre tew heer abowt yore Mawm. Mai Mawm crawsed teh bridj neerly 20 yeers ago an it still hurts. Heer izza beeg hyooj hug an yew noe yew can always come tew teh tee rume if yew needs us.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{JD Katt}}}}}}}}}}

  5. (((((((((((((((((JDK))))))))))))))))
    It’s been an all Mawm weekend here, mine turned 94 on Friedegg,
    Sorry to hear about yours. Hab anubber hug.((((((((((((((((JDK))))))))))))))))

  6. Wun more hug won’t du anyfing but good.

    Can yu feel all teh beams and prayers adn love coming up from beneath to support you and coming along beside you to wrap you up in sweet care and empathy?

  7. I’m so sorry, JD — prayers for peace and comfort for all. I send you big hugs, and the Princess sends you a soulful doggie head on your knee with a deep look of comfort.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{JD Katt}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  8. Oh, {{{JDK}}} ai am sorry. ai has bin dere mahself, and it is scary as well as everything else. ai senz a hoap that u will fynd awl the love and halps u need in the coming days and weeks.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear you have lost you momcat, JD. There’s so much to do, and so much pain to do it in. Here’s some beam and hugs.{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{JD Katt}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. JD–It’s so hard to lose your mother. She’s a special person who will never be replaced. Think about the happy times, and know that she is not gone as long as you remember. {{{{JDK}}}}

  11. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((jdkatt)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    so sorry for ur loss. ——————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ================>>
    >>>>>>>>>>>> ====================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ——————->>>>>>>>>>>> beems of whatever kind u need coming ur way

  12. JDKatt, Your mom loves you.
    Believing you will find the strength you need, and we send you many many hugs.

  13. I’m sorry, JDKatt. >>>>>>>Sending many beems of love & comfort>>>>>>>>> And also heaps of hugs {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{JDKatt}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}. I have many more if you need them.

  14. Dear JD Katt,
    I don’t read lolspeak very well, so I don’t know what you said, but i got the “feeling”. I am truly sorry for your loss and I am sending lots of love and beems your way. Hugs and Hedbonks from me to you.

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