Cheezland am Temporarily Down

PK am werking on it.  Shii sez:

They’re claiming that the site CPU usage just went way too high. The stuff they’re listing as having done this is… me uploading five small image files to the gallery. When we signed up we were told that if anything started pushing boundaries, a rep would contact us and we could discuss what plan changes would meet our needs – that we would NOT be abruptly cut off like this. We paid for a year of service at space and bandwidth way over what we should possibly need, we’re running only two bits of software (WP and the gallery) both installed via their back-end, all pics get optimized before they’re uploaded… there is just no excuse for this.

Donut worry.  Dis am just a hiccup.  {{{{Cheezpeeps}}}}



8 thoughts on “Cheezland am Temporarily Down

  1. Izz kubbur dem eup wiffa reug adn kleen da reug deh oel fayusheunnd wae, bemember doez oeld moobiez wair teh reug wuz onna kloeyz laiyn adn teh kyd hadda kleen iyut wiffa BYG waiyur paddl adn wuz wakknn deh reug hawrd, dass haow wee fyx dem smawrteepayuntz unnur deh reug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dis amz beryberybery gudgudgud neows!!1! Butt (!) aiz haz a wurrie ifn ousr pikiturs r gonna b 2 beeg fer itz ta hanblol? Aiz nose nuttin bout dis stuffz soz ai carn’t uffer mush halp – ai haz a sowwy!

  3. Thank you for sending me the link to this place. It is much nicer than the udder place. I promise I will try to be a good friend and neighbor. I cannot promise I will be here every day to keep up with everything and everyone, but I will TRY.
    Lots of Love,

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