Lunarmommy, cweenmj & Prysma wuz talking bowt howl-O-ween and heer am wut wii b finking:


Wii wantz tu cellybrate owr nawt-sekkund halolween in owr noo home in graet style!

we can haz spooky lols? yesh!
we can haz Dark an Stormy Nite stories? yesh!
we can haz a costyoom parade? yesh!
we can haz live-akshun troll-hed crokay? yesh!
we can haz candees? oh yesh yesh yesh! :D

but it izn’t going to just happen awl by itself, no no no! we needs to maek it happen!

prysma haz teh spooky lols taken care ob, an burfday fairy will host teh troll-hed crokay game an teh game can continyoo over more tahn wun LOL! eben if ther iz also a Dark an Stormie Nite going on, they can wurk arownd eech ovver. (akshuly, going by past D&SNs, yoo can’t reely tell wut’s going on anyway so it duzn’t matter if ther’s sum troll-heds rolling arownd in there too!)

same fing wif teh costyoom parade-we can hab it on more tahn wun LOL, to accomdi – amocco – wurk wif evreewun’s timezones.

last (but not leest) – teh candees! wen yoo come by to post, just be shur to bring a bag ob yor favrite virtual candies to hadn owt! :D  In troo Trick-or-Treat style, dhere may b sum trickz!!!

so, heer’s teh  skedyool so far: (all times Cheezland time aka Eastern Time zone)

12midnite am – Dark and Stormie Nite, started bai lunarmommy
3am –
6am —
*9am – Dark an Stormie Nite, started bai CatBurgh
**12noon pm – Costume Parade
***3pm – burfday party & Troll hed Crow Kay hosted bai deh Birfday Fairy;  Dark an Stormie Nite,  started bai Lunarmommy

**6pm – Dark an Stormie Nite, started bai lunarmommy
*9pm –
12midnite am Nov 1rd  (lets finish dis off in style!) –

(asteriksksks indicate amount uv normal traffik bizziness)


14 thoughts on “Howl-O-Ween

  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Ai jus’ trieds to go into Cheezland adn mai pyooter sais “Account Suspended” — is jus’ mii???? Ai do sumfing wrong? *has a wurried*

  2. Working on it, guys… they promised us there’d be no shut-downs, that if we started hitting the extremely generous limits of what we’re paying for already, a sales rep would contact us to adjust the plan, NOT an abrupt lockout. Seanya’s in a live chat with a sales rep right now and we’re waiting on support to get back to us via the host’s ticket system. Dissatisfied customers, they has ’em. (The trigger for this? I uploaded 7 pics, TOTAL combined size of under half a meg, to the gallery… they’re saying it used excessive CPU. Wait, what, now?)

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