Check-In Post

I put dis post here so deh eest coast and Canananananda Cheez peepz kin check-in and letting us know how dey b doing.

Plz to know dat wii am sending beemz uv lub and strenth tu ebbreewun affected bai Sandy. {{{{CheezPeepz}}}}}

55 thoughts on “Check-In Post

  1. I iz fien. We nebber eben loozud aor powah, eggs ept it kept goen awf/awn awf/awn.
    LCB has chekkd in. She has noe powah, soe iz kon serven sell fone. Manee ottaz has chkkd in awn teh cheezpeepz faisbuk paj.

  2. Ohai from Noo Hamster! Mom and I are okay, very lucky to have power back so quickly and no storm damage to our homes. Beams and prayers that our other friends got off as lightly.

  3. Plasticat an Uniquekitty an Unique/Tira/Eva iz awl fyne! Nawt lozed power, tho it flikkered, got teenytiny amownt of rayn, lawts of wind but noe damij. we wuz lukkiyer dan manee otters…..

  4. Ohai from Pittsburgh! Fanks for gibbon us a plais to chek in, cweenmj!
    Lotsa wind, lotsa rains, sum peeps lost power from teh trees adn branches bringin daon teh lions, som flooded streets adn basemints. My power flikkered a fyew tiems, butt(!) stayed on (Yay!) adn only trikklols ob rain in my basemint. Teh grownd am so satcherayted dat it skwooshes underfoots. On teh fourcast for tudai: moar wind, moar rains, moar plehs. {{{{{Awl Cheezpeeps in Sandy’s paff}}}}}

  5. Izza funny fing, ower powah wuz off erlyerly dis moaning. Dunno y, cuz we am mennymenny milols far way frum teh storm! Ennyways, is back on now. Beeming for safety an lecktrissity returning soonest to awl Cheezpeeps in Sandy’s paff!

  6. An I can haz massage frum Mary O’Spockn/Sweetpea/mais oui/mais non! Dey am awl doin fine, no powers but can haz ittybitty germinator for nessess…. necesss…. important fings to keep workin.

  7. mai hawse dint loose noe powers an teh ded tree dint crash teh ruuf! so hadda werk twodai…ai am werking hard….reeely….oh ok maybe nawt sew mutch

  8. Four feet of water in basement. Sump pump, oil and water heater toast. Not covered by insurance as flood not wind. Cheesus Crisp. Laughing; too wet to dance.

  9. Jus chekkin in! Glad tew see awl teh peeps lettin us noe dey ar alright!

    {{{{{{{Tew awl teh peeps in Sandy’s way}}}}}}}}

  10. Seanya and teh purrkids and I be safe in southeastern Ontario. Little bit of power flickering, two major bouts of rain, unholy winds, but power stayed on and all’s well. Down to just rain and grey and more normal winds – and an interwebs connection that won’t stay up. *mutters under breath about condition of city phone lines*

  11. Ohai! Ai haz juss herd frum KittyRoo… dey’z otays, butt can haz noe lektriks, noe regyoolur foen, spotty sellyfoen serbiss, an noe innertubes. Her hoeps tu be bak wiffus sune. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Ohai from Fredsmom in VA. We had the power go blinkity blink a few times but is ok. Spented lots ob time cleaning out the barn fer da hossies, and dey MADE MESS everywhere but was safe and dry. Will be spending lots ob time to clean it up. All kittehs berry unhappy about it being cold AND rainy. No fun to watch the rain come down. Hugs to all – hope eberyone gets their power back on soon.

  13. Am fine here. I am an RN so was a work for the duration but now that I am home. Have power, and internet. Doesn’t even look like a lot of branches down!

  14. Mai Cween, fanksyoo sew mush fur mayking dis post. Iz wunnurmus tu see sew menny peeps chekking in, sew we noez dey am otays! *whew* ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Ohai an so gudgudgud to heerz fwum da Cheezpeeps! Ai haz bin hazin a beeg worry bout all ov U! Ai hope wee heerz fwum mor peeps soonly. Lolspeak off: I want to tell all of you affected by the storm, floods and terrible fires that all of us from the New Orleans area are with you and you are in our prayers and hearts. It is going to be a long and tedious haul to get back to some kind of comfortable living and it is going to be so frustrating working with FEMA and your insurance companies, but it will sort itself out. One day you will have a comfortable home again!

  16. Ai hazza txtie from CaseyBette (Mimi) and she is fine!! She has no power, no phone and no interwebs but she is fine and will be back as soon as her area recovers.

  17. Ai iz BACK!!! Neber losted teh electrics (so always had teh lights & heat) but Cable been owt til just naow. Relieved tu haz teh TV, internet & main fone # back.
    We wuz NAWT hit too hard in mai immediate neighborhood. Some homes, businesses wif no ‘lectricity, some traffic lights owt & peeps nawt always dribing fru dose intersections az carefully az dey cud.
    Teh Mayor ub mai littlol local city “cancelled” Halloween…aifinkso gud ideer bc ub teh mess ub downed trees, wires, absence ub some traffic lights.

  18. Ohai! Ai can haz a teckst messij frum KittyRoo…

    Hi-just a quickie-still no power but cell (not smart) back. Cats very tense still. Happy it’s not snow! Getting to know neighbors better. Would LOVE a wifi even for 20 minutes! โ™ฅ

  19. Thank you cweenmj. We live rural, we didn’t see’ PPL repair truck all week, they had to go to more populated areas. Glad I ‘m not in New York or Jersey- they’ve got real troubles.

  20. Just saw dis – we wuz owt uv powers at home until the afternoon of the 10th, my work was closed until the 6th, hubby’s office was open but without their internet connection (he’s a web developer) until this past Monday. Gas rationing was in place in northern NJ until yesterday.
    Hubby and I counted ourselves very lucky that while we were chilly and in the dark (until we got a generator), our home is intact and all our loved ones are safe.

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