A BIG THANK YEW to deh CheezPeepz

Dis msg b frum Everyonesexwife (Terri Ybaro) via hur gud frend, Patricia Shabrou.  Terri lost hur son tu suicide a few weekz ago.  

Thank you so much for reaching out to me and sending me your words of support and comfort.
It means a great deal to me.
So many of my wonderful Cheezpeep friends, old and new, have sent me cards, letters, emails, and texts and those words got me through the first painful weeks and continue to comfort me now.
Since I cannot post a “Thank You” on the Cheezpeeps page will you please cut and paste just this paragraph?
I want to thank Everyone who was kind enough to reach out to me in my time of need, and send words of comfort, support, and encouragement.
Many of them sent cards and letters (as I had requested), and even one Blessed Angel sent me a Very Special Ribbon to bundle them all up with.
Even more sent me emails and messages to my FB account.
Thank you ALL. I spent the first 3 weeks after Jamie died in my bed and each day my boyfriend would bring me the notes, cards, and letters and I would lay in bed and read them or he would read them to me.
It was truly wonderful to have so many people sending me Love all at the same time, when I needed it most.
Thank You All for being there when I needed you.
I love each and every one of you very, very much.
Terri Ybarbo

11 thoughts on “A BIG THANK YEW to deh CheezPeepz

  1. Oh, dearest Terri—GOD’s richest blessings as you begin to heal from this terrible pain. I cannot be there with you, but i am praying for you. Do consider yourself hugged, beloved.
    All my love —janey

    • Thank you Cowdogwah, I read your card again just last night.
      The cards and letters bring me a great deal of comfort. Thank you again.

  2. I’m surrounding you with a White Circle of light to give peace, calmness & the energy to face the next day, you have our love to help you however possible, you are in our prayers!!

    • Thank you A Biker Too. I can sure use it right now. Mark went back to work Monday and I am alone during the day now for the first time in 7 weeks.

  3. Good to hear from you Terri! We were very worried. I am glad you are out of bed, and starting to talk to us again–this is good. I pray you have more comfort and peace to help heal the ache and pain from all this, so you may go on and be happy again. I am so very glad your boyfriend was there and you were not facing this alone!

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