KC TailKinker in Hospital

Oh deer!  Dis am frum  Cattails via KittyRoo:

KCTailkinker (aka Carol Habig) has asked me to let everyone know that she was admitted to the hospital this morning. She has been having trouble with speech and language processing and the doctor felt she needed to be evaluated. I’m taking care of Pye and Inky and looking out for her apartment. I’ll post updates as I receive them.

We have a diagnosis: she’s had two recent strokes. A little one and then a big one which has been the cause of the speech and language problems. Still waiting to hear the cause of the elevated WBC count.

She said to tell you she appreciates all your prayers, beems and well wishes. She can’t wait to get home!

The good news is that the hospital has an email card delivery service. In fact, she already got an E-card from Judy. You know what to do!
Here’s the link:    http://www.stjosephkc.com/cards/e-cards.aspx


18 thoughts on “KC TailKinker in Hospital

  1. Warm, ginormous healing beeems being sent west along I-70 from St. Louis to KC Tailkinker! Strokes have run froo my fambly, and they are so disco comb bob yule atin that my mom ignorifyed her little trans ice cream ick attics, when I was out of town. I was sooo upset vat she had slurred speechiness and didna call the nine won won! KCT, I am so glad that you went in wifakwikness!
    It just occurred to me, now, though, that if the stroke caused language processing problems, maybe it’s not the best time for me to lolspeak? Get well soonest! {{{{{KCT}}}}}

  2. OMCC!!! Nawt again. Ai hopes KCT gets bedder wiffa quikness. She’s such a strong cheezpeep.
    beems fur KCT *****—–>>>>>

  3. Ai habs seunt ae kaweurd wiff teh Fleuttrbai onnit adn iyut wuzz LOLSPEEYUK, wuzzn’t fynkkn, HAOWEBBR, enny teerheum bizzitor kudd teeraynslaet iyut tew heurr wiffakwykneuss!!

    • For awl we noze, lolspeek myte be EEzier fur her nao!

      She has hadded a tuff tyme with varios sirjuries and infekshuns. Mega-beems awn their way for comforts and heeling. (and I sended a e-card, tu)

  4. O noes! O Boss ob CC, owr KCT habs had moar den her share ob trubblols — pleeze to helpify her gets hoem adn well beri beri soon!

    *Trots awf to sendify ecard…*

  5. I was in to see KCT today and she is doing much betterer. She has gotten over 50 E-cards already! Cheezpeeps am teh bestest! She was so happy and her speech is already improving wif teh gud, gud horse puddle care. She may be going hoam soon and will do out patient ferapies. She iz so strong and determined. She fanks everyone for teh beems and prayers and love.

  6. Surprise, surprise! Carol was discharged today. She got home late this afternoon. Mr. Cattails picked her up and helped her get settled in. She was not eligible for in-patient rehab… she “tested out” doing well enough that they said she could go. She’s still very, very tired and I only wish she had someone at home to look after her and take care. But Carol is nothing if not determined, and she’ll hang in there. She had a batch of E-cards delivered this afternoon before she left. Your cards were such a big boost for her morale (including the two “new baby” cards that were a real hoot and made her LOL!) Thank you all for your support!

  7. I still don’t know if she ever found out why her WBC count was so elevated. I’m sure the hospital would never discharge her without being sure everything was OK (insert eye roll here). But she had a batch of prescriptions for the pharmacist and 3 pages of discharge instructions…

  8. I sincerely hopr they find the source of your problems and are able to give you some releif and that you get feeling better real soon. Big Hugs to You.

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