Nightshade’z Momcat Crost deh Bridge

Ohai, Cheezpeeps.

It am wif a hevvee hart dat ai tellz u Momcat haz crost teh bridj. She passed away peacefullee in hur sleep last weekweekweek (late Wenzday nite / earlee Furrzday morning). Az purr hur wishes, we diddint haz a fyooneral or a ceremonee or a serbiss or ennyfing. She wanted to be creemaytid, so dat iz wut we did. We pict a pretty wooden box wif a niec littlol carving/pikshur onnit. We haz mah Dadcat & mah Nana (Momcat’s Momcat) in pretty wodden boxes awlreddee – dey will awl be togevver.

Ai hoap Momcat iz nawt annoying teh Nite Watchman. Ai know she wuz luuking forwurd to beeing ablol to see Spot & Manny & Jennyanydots & Nina & Ramona & Kinte & Garfield & Chuck & awl owr uvver heart pets. ;) Eeben moar, she wuz luuking forwrd to seeing Dadcat again. *sniff*

Fankies muchlee fur awl ur beemz & prayers & kind thots. Cheezpeeps iz teh bestest!


30 thoughts on “Nightshade’z Momcat Crost deh Bridge

  1. I haz teh leeky ieies, an a sad fur u Nightshade, but a happitail fur ur mawm cat hoo nawt bee hurtin noe moer an kan naow bee wif her lub, ur dad. Mani hugz an beemz tu u. {{{{{{{nightshadez}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. Ai’z rite dere wif Mamacat, NS… berry sad fur yoo, butt happeh fur yur Mawm, fur being wif fambly agen, bofe “bawld” an “fuzzeh.” Ai hoeps yur hart can fynd sum peese in nawt tuu lawng ub a thyme. Ai sendz yoo menny beemz ub pyur lubs an lite, in hoeps dat dey will komfurt yoo. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Nyteshade}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} ♥♥♥

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{{nightshayde}}}}}}}}}}}} Is really nuffing I can say that duzzint add up to, “You be my friend and I haz a hurting that you be hurting and a wishing you nawt had to be hurting.”
    Lubs an hugs an beems fur your heeling from Seanya and I boff.

  4. Fankies! Ai haz awlreddee fynded sum peese, aifinkso. Becuz Momcat wuz doin poorlee in teh horsepittal fur a fyoo wiles, aifink ai had awlreddee started teh greeving process ahed uv tiem. By leeving hur borked shell uv a bodee, she gotted away frum teh suffering & dat beez a gud fing. *nods* Ai iz sad dat shee iz no longer heer — but a happee dat she iz free & hoapfullee wif Dadcat & all teh heart pets. 😉

  5. Mai fawtz adn prayrz r wif u, Nightshayde — Ai haz bin/iz dere masef. Mai liddlol Momcat lastid 16 yeerz wivowt mai Dadcat adn Ai noe she wuz reddy tew see him wen teh tiem caem.
    {{{{{{{{Nightshayde adn fambly}}}}}}}}

  6. Ai hazza leeky ieies fur yoo adn yoor fambly. Ai lawst my mommcat awlmost eggzactly 6 yeers tu teh dai. Ai sneds yoo adn yoor fambly peas full beems tu wrap yoo in kom fort {{{{{{{Nightshayde adn Fambly}}}}}}}}

  7. Ai hazza sad fur yew cuz yew lostid yore Mawm. Ai haz a happee fur hur becaws hur is no longer hurtin and hur iz rejoicin at seein hur lubbed wuns again. Ai lostid mai mawm 20 yeers ago in March. Still hurtz aftur awl dis tyme, but ai noe hur iz sew happee in teh meddow an wii will see eech ovver again an oh boy will wii hav ufn den!
    The Music Man is one of my favorite movies. Thanks to your Mom for all the joy she brought us!


  8. My heart goes out to you dear Nightshayde and to your fambly. Iz a berry hard loss to bear. May happy memories comfort yu.

  9. {{{nightshade}}} Sumthymez it am hard tu renembur dat uh gudgud lyfe am moar abowt kwalitee dan kwantitee. Ai juss gottid hoam frum mai cuzzin’z memoryal an eben dough hii wentid tutu suun, hii had teh full an rich lyfe. Ai’m shur yr momcat did tu. Find joi in teh memreez ub teh thymez hur mayd yu smilol.

  10. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Nightshayde}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    ai sew sawri. ai fink iz wunnermuss taht momcat was aware ob teh meddow an wuz antissipaytin goin tehr. sew lukkee tew hab taht tew luk forwaard tew insted ob floatin rownd on klowd playin harp. schmoos tew yoo an yur famblee frum mi an obiwan an sev an phinn

  11. {{{{{{Nightshayde adn famblee}}}}}}

    May yu find comfort in yur memries, adn teh knowledge taht Momcat adn Dadcat ar reunited.

  12. O Nightshayde, ai iz sew sorry. Mai ai offer dese tew fings, adapted from teh BCP:

    Most merciful Boss ob CC, whoose wisdom iz beeyond owr unnerstandifying: Deals grashuslee wif our Nightshayde in her greef. Surround her wif your lubs adn teh lubs ob teh Cheezpeeps, dat she mai nawt be oberwhelmified bai her loss, but habs confidence in yoor gudgudgudness, and strenf to meet teh dais to come….Anom.

    Into your hands, O merciful Divine One, we commend yoor servant, Nightshayde’s Momcat. Acknowledge, wii humbly beseech yoo, a Cheezpeep ob yoor own fold, and a faithful mawmcat ob menny heartpets. Receeve her into teh arms ob your mercy, into teh blessed rest ob everlasting peece in teh meddow, and into teh gloreeus company ob awl teh animlols adn teh saints who lubb dem…Anom.

    {{{{{{Nightshayde adn famblee}}}}

  13. So sorry fur ur loss, Nightshayde. She be in a much betterer place naow, wif ur Dadcat an teh otters hoo went befoar. Ai hoap teh kittehs she lubbed ran owt to greet hur, too!

    {{{{{{{{{{Nightshayde an famblee}}}}}}}}}}

  14. Ohai NS, may the Ceiling Cat hold her in himz paws. I lubs your festive avatar. I hope I could see more of Youz. I misses all the old cheesepeepz. Lolkittehs is not as much funz without themz.

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