12/12/12 Nuptuals


It wuz naise tu habba frunt payge LOL on Cheezlan teh dai befoar I married mai gnu hubcat! We iz nao hitchified an he are sleepin befoar we goze tu dialysis. Den an nudder dialysis tmoro mornin an den we be pakkifyin and kleenin an pakkifyin sum moar an shoppin an moar pakkifyins an kleenins an gettin teh kar to teh kar dokter foar a chekup an den dinna wif mai momcat an *whew* *pant pant* den we fro awl teh pakkified stuffs intu teh kleen kar an we drybez orf to Arkansawwwww to meet mai gnu in-laws. Well, I meeted dem befoar, butt*snerk* not sints ai marreed dey boi. *klunk* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


13 thoughts on “12/12/12 Nuptuals

  1. {{{{{{{{{{iluvchocolate an gnu hubcat}}}}}}}}}}} *wisslolz* Hay, Conga Ratz! Get owt heer, we’z gawt sum sellybraytin tu du!
    *conga conga conGA conga conga conGA*
    YAAAAAAAAAAAAY fur teh gnuly marreed cupplol! ♥♥♥

  2. WOW! Conga-rat-u-la-shons, iluvchocolate n gnu hubbahubby! (I hope you both get a little rest between all you’ve got to do) Wishing you a happy happy life together!!!!

  3. *pump* *pump* *Pump* — pushin yu bode sum energiez tru da interwebz fur da duration ov da trip ( soudz likz u needz lotza *pumpz* ) Kongrad u lationz on da new hubie n wiffie conjoinin !! I wichez you bode a wunnerfulz livez togedder ( soundz liek you have da well tended seedz fur it ) !!!! ——- LUBZ LUBZ LUBZ iz zoe grand !!!! {dragonryder}

  4. I’m exhausted just reading about it! Conga rat shoelaces, sweetheart, and may your lives together bless you both and all around you, as well!
    Love you bunxches! —janey

  5. Happy danse happy dansedansedansedanse! Conga ratz fer da gnu kourple! Long lyfe, happy daze, gudgudgud helf to yu boff!

  6. May much happiness follow you eberywhere you go – and iffn you drops little fishies behinds you, you will be sure to be leaving much happiness in yer path..

  7. Be yourselves, truthfully.
    Accept yourselves, gratefully.
    Value yourselves, joyfully.
    Forgive yourselves, completely.
    Treat yourselves, generously.
    Balanc yourselves, harmoniously.
    Bless yourselves, abundantly.
    Trust yourselves, confidantly.
    Love yourselves, wholeheartedly.
    Empower yourselves, immediately.
    Give yourselves, enthusiastically.
    Express yourselves, radiantly.
    I wish the very best for you two, this came from 1st aid for the soul and was singular, I pluralized it in celebration of your wedding, most importantly, ENJOY!!

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