Anastasia Crosses deh Bridge

Dis sad nooz am frum EveryonesXWife:

My sweet little Anastasia passed away today.

I inherited her from an elderly friend who passed away two years ago.  She is a Russian Blue and no one knew how old she is. She had been losing weight and her feet and joints were swelling, but she was happy and had a LOT of heart – and a BIG PURR! –  so I took her to see our vet Thursday.

I was so afraid he was going to tell me it was time for her to go over the Rainbow Bridge, but instead he diagnosed her with Diabetes and put her on insulin. He said he believed she had a couple more years in her if the Diabetes was controlled.

I gave her the first injection Friday but the insulin dribbled back out after I pulled the syringe out. I gave her the second injection this morning, but gently pinched the injection site closed for a minute so it would not dribble out. She did fine and – and PURRED like CRAZY! – then ate a healthy meal.  I checked on her a couple of hours later and she was in good spirits and feeling well, but when I took her diced turkey this evening for a snack, she was dead in her bed.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  She was doing so well earlier today. But we never know when our time is up, do we?



26 thoughts on “Anastasia Crosses deh Bridge

  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. Anastasia was giving the best family ever for her last years, and I am so glad she went over the bridge happy and cared for. My heart goes out to you, and prayers for comfort and healing.

  2. So sorry to hear about Anastasia – sounds like she gave YOU a last thankful gift …. love has it’s ways ………………………………………………………… {{{{{{{{{{{{{Huggz to you and a peaceful walk to Anastasia}}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. wer did it goe, taht preshuss spark
    taht burnd so briet bee for
    wer ar yoo nao ai cannot see
    yoor preshuss liet noe moor
    wy di it goe adn wy so soon
    ai do nott unnerstand
    wy yoo shood nao ly sumwer
    beeyond mai reechin hand
    ai stayr in tu teh darkness
    adn awl teh bleekness tehre
    butt teherz noe eezee ansurz
    tu mai dess-o-layt prare
    awl ai can do iz luv yoo
    adn howld yoo in mai hart
    until taht preshuss moemint
    we ar noe mor apart

  4. So sorry you lost your little one this way. But I think it’s wonderful that she went in her sleep – probably dreaming of catching mousies or the red dot!! She looks like my 19 year old Grey Kitty that crossed the bridge in July this year. My grey kitty was half Siamese and didn’t have a MUTE button but I still miss her like crazy. Hold the wonderful memories in your heart and know that her human loves that you loved her and they are together again – waiting for all of us. Hugs and Loves.. Fredsmom

  5. Ai iz sew sorry. But dis reminded mii a littlol bit abowt hao mai nawt-sekkund shepherd left mii. Hii wuz alsew beri old. He hads hims faborite dinner ebber adn a sweet peaceful ebening wif his devoted mawm (mii) adn altho he left frum teh ER rather dan hoem, teh memory ob dat last ebening togezzer has ebenchually brot mii grate comfort. Ai hoeps dat yoo wills alsew find comfort in gnoeing hao loved adn cared for yoor sweet littlol girl felt. But teh lawss iz sew hard, adn mii ii’s are leaking for yoo. Yoo wills be togezzer aggin sumday — for nao, shii iz safe in teh meddow bragging abowt her wunndermus hoomins!

  6. What a lucky lady Miss Anastasia was to have such tender care and love for her last years. To pass happy in our own comfy beds, well that is simply the best way to go. She likely just fell into a deep sleep and woke up the the meadow with Nite Watchman welcoming her.
    My mum always said to me that if animals don’t got to heaven, then she’d rather go where they go. Anom.

  7. my heart goes out to you EXW and all your family – those who Anastasia loved and who loved her. What a lucky cat to have found a second great home in her later years. I am sure what Gunnersmama says is right – the Nite Watchman welcomed her to her final home with warmth and love.

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss, EXW — just know that you did all the right things for her, starting with taking her into your family when her previous mommy died. You obviously gave her a couple of wonderful years and she will be waiting for you at The Bridge when it’s your turn to cross — whenever that may be [I hope long LONG years from now!].
    {{{{{{{{EXW adn fambly}}}}}}}}

  9. Anastasia had a wonderful home and late life because of your loving heart EXW. And she had an enjoyable last morning with you and a good breakfast and she was so content. I am sure she went to sleep purring and happy and knowing how much she was loved by her human servants. And that is a good way to go!

    {{{{{{{{{{{Anastasia and EXW}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. Anastasia wuz ubveeisly bery happy n cud go tu da Meadow during her sleep (hope we kan awl be dat lukky). She n mai Bella r probly demanding da Nite Watchman’s attenshun rite naow!


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