Hello Noo Year!! Hello Noo Lub!!

2012 am gone.  Menny peepz had tu saying dheir final goodbaiz tu dheir belubbed furry babehz last year.  It am awlwayz painful, wether it am deh end of a long life, or a sudden illness dat takes dem away.   And nuffin can replace dem in ower harts.  But dat duzn’t mean wii can’t haz new fur babiez tu lub.    Dhere am thousands uv kittehz adn puppies and catz and goggiez dat b needing fureber homez.  Check wif ur local Humane Society, and vet offices and PetCo and PetsMart stores to find ur noo lub.

I am reposting deh following frum March uv last year.  It makes mai aiz leak, but it am a berry important message.

MamaCat sendinged dis message frum a kitteh tu mii tu b posted heer on deh Cheez Town Cryer. Shii duzn’t know who roted it, but it wuz obviously a well lubbed pet.

Before humans die, they write their last will and testament and give their home and all they have to those they leave behind. If, with my paws I could do the same, this is what I’d give:

.— To a poor and lonely stray I’d give my happy home, my bowl, my cozy bed, my soft pillows and all my toys; the lap, which I loved so much, and the tender loving hands; the hand that stroked my fur and the sweet voice which called my name; and I’d will to the sad and scared shelter animal the place I had in my human’s loving heart of which there seemed no bounds.

So when I die, please do not say, “I will never have a pet again for the loss and pain is more than I can stand.” Instead, go find an unloved animal — one whose life has held no joy or hope and give my place to him. This is the only thing I can give – the love I left behind.


14 thoughts on “Hello Noo Year!! Hello Noo Lub!!

  1. Sew troo….. going tu luk at a nawt furst SPCA dawg this wendsdae, if nawt secund shelter dawg likes him, mite bee a tu dawg nite. catz schmust agree, alzo.
    Thanx tu mamacat, red teh furst tyme and misplaste it. itz a mesje wurth repeating.

  2. wahhhh. aiz nawt reddy. ai will. jus nawt yet. ai gibb’d Maya’s cushy cave to Buddy downstairs. N ai gibb’d Wheresa’s fancy schmancy kitty box cabnet to Buddy’s granma n granpa. ai dont member if ai gibbd ennyfing wen Pru crawst teh brij.

  3. Passs da shamwooz pwease, dere mus b sumptin n mi aie. Yesh eet iz a gudgudgud ting ta doo wen wee ar weady. Ai hadz ta grieve fr 4 mumfs afor ai aquired mi nex hart bebeh. Wi sabe libes dis wai.

  4. Many many times I have vowed to never love again the way I loved that one that only lasted a short while. And it doesn’t help that I take in the very sick ones, the forgotten ones and the unwanted ones. I lost the love my heart in 2001 and it still gives me the leeky eyes to think of our last time together. BUT – after I vowed not to have another – and I kept that vow for 5 horrible months – then I cannot tell you the number of dreams I had of that loved one leading cats and kittens to me one by one. A couple years ago I had 12. 4 have crossed and I only have 8. They were all the ones from the shelter that needed forever homes. And although I love them all, the ones that have been in my heart the most were the ones that I took on as very sick ones. And no matter what we think – another kitty does east the pain – and two make us forget the pain more and more. And really – nothing looks better in your Christmas tree than kitties!!!

    • Ai unnerstands. After seben munfs ob sitting on teh couch sobbing, ai wuz led to teh Princess adn wii habs been joyful togezzer almost six yeers. Mai boi luklukluks ober us frum teh meddow, aignoeso.

    • Blessed are the merciful (those who are kind to the sick and to orphans), for they shall obtain mercy (for themselves).

  5. The poem above reelee duz say it awl. There is shud awlwaiz be room in our harts fur moar kittehs. There ar SO mennee out tehre needing luving hoams.
    Teh noo kittehs cannawt taek teh plaice ov teh wuns we luved so much an hoo ar nao gawn. But tehy can simplee hav tehir own plaices.

  6. Dere am nawt enuff shamwows in teh whirled to taek care ob….ummm…awl teh onions ai is chopping…dat’s it…onions…

  7. wen ai had too be braev and send mai beeluved Teddy too teh meadowe ai sed “neber again”. teh V-E-T, a luvly yung woman, sed “butt it iz peepel liek yu taht caer sew much taht shuld have teh goggies”. it waz a yeer an a half later taht ai saw Tess awn teh Petfinder (just luking ai sed too maiself) and naow she haz her forever hoem!

  8. When I was greeving fur mai Loki, nicewitch sed sumfing that sticks wif me: that we am all berry brave tu keep opening our homes and harts tu teh wuns that need us, knowing taht teh wunnerfulness of it will has teh greef.
    Sum of us just nawt feel complete wifout kitteh or goggie or bunbun or whateber, aifinkso. I keep looking at teh bills, an at hao much time an energee an monies goes into teh kittehs, an hao much higher teh stress lebel is when deeling wif teh kitteh helfs… but tehn aifink that Angel an Trick wud nawt has been considered adoptable if tehy waz taked tu shelter, an outside so menny awfulnesses cud have happined… an teh Cory-Bear wud nawt has been considered adoptable… an Eva, an uvver fosters, an… it goes onanon. An teh joy evree time I wakes wif Angel on my pillow or Cory snuggles in my arms – or see Eva wif her boi! – makes it so wurf it, an I gonna try tu hold those thots when teh terriblol days come of losing tehm.
    My Nermal, my first great love, him allowed strays tu nom from hims crunchies (erly on, when I letted him owtside) while him sat there calmly watching. Ihopeso him haz a proud of me, wherever him is. Hims bed an toys am long gone, but I still trying to pass on teh loves an caring him teeched me.

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