A Biker Too in deh Horsepistlol

Dis jsut in frum ower gud frend Turtlol:

Ohai mai Cween! <bows deeply>

I wunted tu let teh Whirld uv Cheez noe abowt owr deer fren, ABT (A Biker Too) aka Dennis Branneker is in teh horsepistol heer in St. Luis.  Ai cawld him last night and he sez, Ohai, I’m ina horsepistol!

<lol awf>
He is in there for treatment of pneumonia. That’s bad enough, but Dennis has had part (or all, I’m not sure) of 1 lung removed due to cancer some years back.  He has not smoked in many years.  He has a plethora of other medical issues that complicate this even more. He went in Sunday evening, and there is no indication when he will be discharged… this is a serious matter, and I know for certain the power of teh BEEMS, and I wanted to make Cheezland aware so they could send some healing beems towards teh Middul Urth West for him.  He is a delightful person; I’ve been privileged to meet him in person several times, and he doesn’t let his health limitations slow him down!  I know some peeps have a hard time reading his High Lolspeek, due to his extremely creative mind… I myself can has to read his posts a couple of times to understand completely.  He’s a great guy, and if you could please say something to teh Peeps of Cheezwhirld so they can beem for him, it would be wonderful.  He asked me to post so that peeps would know why he’s not on line (no computer at his disposal there in the hospital) and I told him I would. I am going to post about him on teh Cheezfrens site, but he doesn’t play there; however, there are manny peeps there who know him, Annipuss for example, does know him from ICHC and Cheezland.

If anyone wants to know particulars on where he is, address, etc. to maybe send a card or something, they are welcome to email me at:  scubaturtle1@yahoo.com and I will pass on his location, but don’t want to post it generally.  I have a feeling that he may be in there for a while, given the severity of his condition, so anything from Cheezpeeps would be welcome, and would boost his spirits, since he can’t get on line and read good wishes from teh peeps.

I also emailed Kitty Novich about this issue this morning, but I don’t know if she looks at her email in the AM.  I am going to try and get down to see him later this week and can report back on his condition. The hospital he’s in is about 40 miles from me, but that’s no problem, I lubs to drive.

<bak to LOLspeek>
Ai fanks yu, gud Cween, fur passing dis informayshun to teh denizens uv Cheezland.
yr obeedeyunt serbant,

18 thoughts on “A Biker Too in deh Horsepistlol

  1. Fanks for letting us know, turtlol. I’ll mai u laiter for ABT’s details. I hope it gets there fast enuff frum Jurmanee, but nao that the Christmas mail mountain has been shifted, ai has hopes.

  2. Turtlol! Yoo can haz emayo! An fanksyoo fur letting us noe abowt deer Biker! {{{{{Turtlol}}}}} ♥

    Beemz ub teh ohaiess ordur am beezing sent tu Saynt Loowee az ai typify dis!

    >~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~get bedderer, Biker!!!1!~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~

  3. Just sent a request for Dennis’ mail so that we can send him beams, wishes, some poetry and a card. Hope he is home very soon and well!

    • Ohmy. Ai knew ai hadn’t seen him inna while. Sending lotsa beems fur ABT. Hope his Feistybutt iz otay too. Ai’ll getta card tuday when ai runs errandz.
      *****—–>>>>> (dat’s beems fur ABT)

  4. ai haz sent a pome for abt to turtlol wif teh rekwest tu paas it on


    let teh lief slied froo yoo
    tuchin awl impawtant playsez
    cawlin owt itz messij
    bildin sollid braysez
    tu teh sownd of yoor wurld turnin
    adn teh beetin of teh meshur
    of awl yoo evver can be
    of peese adn peerless pleshur
    adn howld it in yoor hanz
    wispur tu it sofflee
    tihs iz wer ai ar
    tihs is wer ai shood be
    adn in taht passin moemint
    liek teh ringin of a bel
    lissun adn yool heer me
    az ai stop tu wish yoo wel

  5. Omai *wrings paws*. Owr Biker hoo is a wunnerful frend in de hors pittal? Wiffowt hims Feistybutt adn hiz hawtsoss?? He hazza owt ob wakk berzubrikator? BEEMS——————>>>>>> foar a gud recubbery adn coming bakk suun to hims kitty adn hims frends!!!

  6. Oh, mercy! Thank you for posting this. I am praying for his swift recovery. Turtlol, when you go to see him, hug him for me, okay?
    Love you bunxches! —janey

  7. beems and beems for ABT from across the pond. ABT high lolspeak is a pleasure to read, and i have to read it twice(!) to understand but it is totally fab. hugs

  8. Oh, hurry beems, get tu Biker ————–>>>>>>>>>>>> lubs beems, heaf beems, get beddur wif a quickniss beems, hoap kitteh is otays beems……………. (((((((BIKER))))))))))))))))

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