Send Cheer tu A_Biker_Too

U can sending a Cheer Card to Biker at deh Des Peres Hospital!!   Use deh link below.  Select deh type uv card and filling owt deh form.  U kin select to haz deh card hand delibbered to him bai deh hospital staff.  Dey only check fur cards at 9 am weekdayz and den delibber by 11 am.  Let’s bombard ower frend wif lubz!!!

(A_Biker_Too’z real name am Dennis Branneker)

If u wants tu send a snail mail card, deh hospital address am

Des Peres Hospital
2345 Dougherty Ferry Rd
St. Louis, MO 63122



15 thoughts on “Send Cheer tu A_Biker_Too

  1. OHAI! Ai juss chekkt wif teh horsepistlol… yoo must tu haz ABT’z rume number tu send ennyfing (Cheer Cards froo teh innerwebs, snail-mail cards, etc.). Dey wuz naise enuff tu gibs it tu me. ABT am in Room 435. Kthxlubsyooawlbai! ♥

  2. wow that is fantiastic! I wonder if we have that service here in the UK? I put ABT room number in the space after his last name and the card preview showed it up! So I have a sure that it will be delivered (fingers crossed)

  3. Carp. If it has to has room number, why they nawt SAY that on the Cheer Cards fing and have a box for it?
    Hao we gonna know if teh cards get tu him wif no number? *hazza srs huff*

  4. I’m attempting to send them an email to verify this one way or the other (and point out that if it’s true, then teh website is criminally badly designed and misleading) – only to find that it’s refusing to accept some field as passing validation testing, possibly the phone number since mine’s in Canada obviously. And the only way to contact them is by phone or through the form. Rly poor unfriendly website, that. I think I’m gonna revert to the idea of sending a snailmail card and hope it gets there wifakwikness.

  5. ohai awl….plz to be knowin’ dat ifn yu hasa hard tyme getting froo teh pesky server at teh horsepistol, yu cans emeow me and Ai will print and take to him Wednesday after Ai gets awf werks.
    yu can contact me at teh address in teh not second posting about ABT or yu can has scubaturtle1 at teh yafooee dawt cahm address…. Bewarez trollz, begawn! Ai werks fur teh poleez and Ai has wayz uf finding yu ifn yu mess wif teh biker turtlol gurl! STN!

  6. I got a reply from the hospital, says this:
    Thank you for using our website to send well wishes to Mr. Branneker. He has been receiving cheer cards (quite a few to be exact!) and I am printing them out myself and making sure they are being delivered to his room. You do not need the room number as we are researching it for you. Thank you

  7. I’m glad to read that teh cards r getting through wifout teh ruum nummer. I jus sent a card before I read the comments and it did nawt ask me for a ruum nummer. Am eye supposed to be a mind reader to know wut they wants wifowt them askifying? Getting loads uf cards is gud, gud gud. KCT was thrilled by all teh cards she got. Cheezfrens am teh bestest!

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