Special Cats

I found dis in mai emayo frum Calicocoa:

Hi, cat-lovers ~

This is a fine new program started by my friend (publisher of/ my partner in Wine X Magazine), Darryl Roberts. He changed careers & is now a vet tech. (Cool kitty stories on the FB site.)

If you’d check out his FB “Special Cats” kitty site & “Like” it, I’d be personally very grateful.   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Special-Cats/125383207625047

Among other things, I have Darryl to thank for linking me up with my wonderful little Calicocoa (pic attached), who was at his animal shelter in Sonoma County. (She’s sprawled across my ankles right now, snoozing.)

Thanks so much ~

Hugs (and purrs from Calli),


Special Cats is dedicated to the rescue, care and enhancement of the lives of special needs cats, including old, abandoned, disabled, feral and forsaken.



6 thoughts on “Special Cats

  1. *waves to Calicocoa*
    Gud luk wiv taht site nd wiv teh wurk !! Sawry taht Ime not on Faysbuk !!
    (Hoap tu see yoo sumtime at Cheezland.org whair wi went from ICHC)
    – PB

    • Ohai OnleeKitteh, adn fankeez foar teh compulmeant 😉 Ai luvz tew likking mai whyt pawz adn keepen tehm sparklolee. Yur rite, mai mawmee neaded me (adn nao ai knead her wiht mai whyt pawz 😉

      purrz n hedbonks,

      PS ~ Wanna see teh blawgpoast adn viddy-oh mai mawmee mayd wif lawtz uv pikcherz uv mee? Juss clikkie heer ~ http://bit.ly/Calli2011 ~ iz fun whissel toon tew.

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