A_Biker_Too am Home

Nooz frum Turtlol:

Ohai mai Cween!

I just wanted to send you a kwik emeow and let you know if he hasn’t posted it yet, ABT is at home, recuperating from teh pleh new moan yuh.

He says he is positive all the emeows and beems he received from Cheezwhirld was what did the trick for him.  Even his doctor indicated that he’d be staying in the hospital at least thru this week, and here he is, home wif hims kitteh!

As yu may or may nawt noe, Ai can has 3 jawbs, and sometimes tehy ketch up wif me to teh point uv nawt finking uv impawtint stuff, like telling y’all that Dennis is home and getting better!  Ai sawree.

Ennyway, he is doing a lot bedder, feelz bedder, but tired.  He is on an O2 backpack, that is one of those little things that you carry around and have a cannula in yur snout to halp yu breeve.  At least he can get around, though.

Dat iz awl Ai noes. Hopefully, teh neggst uppydayt yu get will be from ABT hisownself!
turtlol hoo hastu get bak tu werks now…


15 thoughts on “A_Biker_Too am Home

    • (blushiefaze) awwww, kestrela, yu am tu kind. Ai is just sew happietail tu has been a liddlol bit uv halp to let teh Cheezwhirld noe sew tehy cood send teh helf-inducing beems towards ABT!! Ai tawked wif him again last nite, and he sounds MUCH bedder, but still kinda breathless. I tried not to keep him on teh line fur lawng, but Ai finks he must be lonesome, having been sequestered in teh horse spittle for sew lawng…
      FANKS be tu awl Cheezies fur teh well wishes, they REALLY halped him!

  1. *Dansdansdans tu de happytayol noos* Turtlol, yoo issa gudgud fren tu Biker. We awl neads a fren lyke yoo. {{{{{Turtol}}}}}
    Keep improovin beems ———->>>>>>>>>>>> to Biker.

  2. Fankee ebbreewun, ai izz hoem, ADN Feistybutt MYAOWWD beree laoudlee foar adn aweur, reubbd bayukk adn foeurff adn wuzza PEURR PAWEURHAUS, maeykkn sheur ai knoo shee wuzza hayuppee KEOW adn wuzz beeeyun peyuttd eyndleusslee, iyut wuzz feun, adn shee sleyppt beree kloas teh neyx feu naiyutz tew!!

    • The Docter has me on O2 right now because one side of my heart isn’t as strong as the other, the extra O2 helps the heart work better & keeps feet & legs from swelling, it’s a tradeoff because one lung doesn’t quite keep the levels up high enough, however I’m still here & that’s a GOOD thing, lol, I’ll thank all the emailers & card senders soon,………….A Biker Too

  3. Bery bery glad to heer u iz hoam frum teh horse pital n re-yew-nited wit ur Feistybutt, ABT – n menny fankees to Turtlol fur bisiting n keepin us awl poasted.

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