Mrrph Going to Horsepittlol

I gotted dis frum KellieKat:

On Sunday night (tomorrow!) hour sweet friend Mrrph O’Shea (Susan O’Shea) is going to go to Virginia Mason Horsepital in Seattle, WA to get her kidneys bombed! They’re going to pelt her with sound waves to bust up some persnikety stones and then suck the debreeee out with a silly straw! She’d be mighty happytayloled if you’d all send her cards and messages at teh horspital via:

  1. Messages may be sent via the form at this link which volunteers will  deliver:
  2. Cards may be sent via:
  3. Phone messages: (888) 862-2737
  4. And if you are fast, their physical address is: (She’ll be there throughout the week, probably.)

Virginia Mason Medical Center
1100 Ninth Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101

She also likes houseplants and visitors if you’re feeling posh and would like to have a bit of an adventure! (Horsepitals are ALWAYS an adventure!) I’m hoping she wouldn’t mind early morning visitors so I can go on the way home from work one day next week. (Maybe I’ll stop and have a latte’ first, so she has time to wash her face and try to choke down what they euphemistically mean to be “noms” in the Big House, errrrr, at the Horsepital but is more like the horsespit itself!

Thank you, in advance for all of your love and concern for our dear Mrrphh!

Hedbonks, schmoos, and curtsies, and all sorts of kowtowing,


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