Tee Room Changez

Ohai, Cheezeepeepz!!

Wii haz had a bit uv a kerfluffle in Miz Foofytaylz Tee Room involving an undesirable character.  Deh Tee Room am a speshul place fur Cheezpeepz wif deh mental health issues tu discuss dheir livez and feelingz wifowt feer uv harrassment or ridicule.

It am importent dat deh peeps bof feel safe and b safe.  If dey feel safe, but am nawt reely safe dey am vulnerable tu unexpectd attacks.   If dey am safe, but nawt feel safe, dey suffers deh unnecessary anxiety.  Therfore, I haz made deh Tee Room a “private” blog.

Awl current Tee Room commenters should have received an invite to deh Tee Room.  Any Cheezpeepz  or lurkers am welkkum tu joyning us.  All u haz to do am clik on deh “request Access” button, or emayo mii directly.  I will check ur identity and grant access accordingly.  It am nawt mai intent to lock owt peepz hoo b wanting or needing tu joyn deh TeePeepz.

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29 thoughts on “Tee Room Changez

  1. I hope i didn’t accidentally delete the invite. I don’t remember getting one. Thank you for looking out for us!
    All my love —janey

  2. ohai, adn ofankeez, o mai wondermuss cween! ai haz a sad abowt teh tee rume kerfufful. ai haz a greatfull abowt tihs grate plan bai owr grate cween.

    pleez considur tihs emeow mai rekwest foar joyningz teh tee rewm.

    menny fankees,

    rosina/calicocoa (wif purrz adn hedbonkz from calicocoa teh tortico kitteh)

  3. ai’z moaastlee a lurker, so ai’z shoor ai didunt git a imbittashun, butt(!) aihoapso ai’z stil welkom tu lerk… so sawree abowt teh nasteeniss. *sigh* dere’z awlwais gotta bii wun in ebberee croud.

  4. Ohai mai qween. I asked fur a imbitashun in teh teeroom. It ma be unner mai reel name or unner my otter name of Tulipcat – not shoor. I too am moastlely a lurker butt I shure do like the oolong tee served there. sawree about the kerfuffle – I do hope all is calm now.

  5. Deer Queen, Ur Majestea, etc., I hab not bin usind der teerum dat much bit am vurry glad it uz abailable. I hab used both Peregrinesea and Captainskeeper as my naems. Cud ewe pleese add me to da list. I thanx ewe berry muchly.

  6. Hellow, mai Kween! Ai mite be (??) Caroleleah on WerdPretzel, butt(!!) ai am KittySlave tew teh CheezPeeps.
    Ai did knot noe ob teh eggsistance obs dis Tea Room, an it sownds lyke a moast wondermus place foar dose obs us wif teh mental healf issyoos. Ai duzzn’t comment much, butt(!!) ai lubs Cheezland an teh Cryer an habs bin a follower sents way bakk in teh days ob, oh, mebbe elebenty yeers ago.
    May Ai pleez pleez habs an inbitashun tew teh TeeRoom? Perhaps ai will be seeings teh halpful commentz der foar mai condishun obs teh mentals. Ai did knot noes who Ai ams foar tew sendifying a Sign-In Rekwest, an wanted tew aks yew speshull sew yew did knot fink Ai am somebodee yukky trying tew get intew dis nyce playce, Teh Tee Room.
    Fankees, Mai Kween!
    *hedbonks an purrs*

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