Tee Room Kerflufflol

Ohai peeps,

Here am a bit more info bowt deh Tee Room kerflufflol fur doze uf u hoo wundered wut wuz going on.  A mysteryman showed up and posted a racist comment.  Hii awlso subscribed to deh blog and “like”ed a few posts.

No wun here shud worry dat i suspected dem uf being deh mystery man.  Hii left electronic footprints dat I could follow and I know dat hii am a 22 yr old undergrad in Michigan hoo sumhow wandered in.   I haz his user name, ISP address, and uzzer clooz dat I haz shared wif Prysma so shii can easily spot him if hii shows up in Cheezland.

I wuz berry unhappy wif WordPress’s Visibility settings.  Wen I did a google search fur Miz Foofytayl, I found a link tu us on anuzzer totally unrelated WP blog.  It wuz in deh automatically generated links section of a food blog linking a “Chocolate Cake day” post frum a year ago!   And I had told WP to “discourage Search engines from  indexing this site.”  They weren’t even honoring their own requests!!!

So now wii am Private.  No wun can get in unless I grant them access.  WP haz a list uv peeps hoo haz ben invited, and a list uv those hoo haz accepted deh invite and/or ben granted access.  Nawt ebbreewun hoo received an invite haz checked in tu deh Tee Room yet.  And fur sum reezin, summa deh peeps I sent an invite to neber got it.  I iz sorry fur dat.  I used deh emayo addyz dat peepz haz entered in dhere comments. If u am a regular tee room commenter and haz nawt received an invite, plze tu let mii know.  I haz nawt deliberately left ennywun owt.  If u go to Miz Foofytaylz and requesst access I will gladly grant it.

Well, I haz prattled on long enuff.  {{{{peeps}}}}


14 thoughts on “Tee Room Kerflufflol

  1. {{{cween MJ}}} good job in tracking down the non-cheez peep. A sad reminder of how unique our refuges for Cheezpeeps are in the big online world. And, a big thank-you for all you do to maintain them. Free Cheerz for the adminz! 😉

  2. Soe gladd ai chekkingd in an can seeingd tish. Habbing puter trubbles laytelee… Soe nawt chkking teh emay0s. Iz otay naow. Ai fynded mah in bite an am bakk in teh TeeRume. Fank u, o Cween, 4 too frustrilating teh ebil troll.

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