Balentine’z Day

Ohai peeps!!!

Balentine’z Day am coming! (fur u clooless guise, dat am February 14rd)

AND, Balentine’z day am awlso deh six munf annibersary uv Cheezland!!! Wooot!!!

And, Balentine’z day happenz to fawl on a Thurzday which am deh Theme day.

So, I finso wii needz tu do sumfing sillybratory.

Letz hab a ♥ Happy Balentinez/Wii Lubbz Cheezland ♥ Thurzday Theme Day!!!!

Wut shud u do??

Nawt sekkond, u shud make adn submit a LOL filled wif lubz, fur PK to posting on Feb 14rd. (go to fur halps on how tu submit.)

Sekkond, u shud b here on Feb 14th fur deh fun and lubs. Bekuz Cheezpeepz libz awl over deh Whirrld, deh party will last AWL DAY!! Yup, wii gonna party awl day long. More detailz later. (Dat means I hazn’t figgered owt wut awl to do yet — any suggestions?) ♥


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