Tampa Cheezmeet #4

OOoooooo……. looky wut I fownded in mai inbox dis morning!!  It b frum Catsablanca: 

ANNOWNSINGMINT!!! May Ai haz ur attenshuns pleez!!

Wii can has Tampa Cheezmeet #4 at Big Cat Rescue!!
AmandaKat will b n town adn wantz tu sii teh lions adn tigrrrs adn bearcats oh my adn enne Peeps hoo am abailablol!
Wii am meeting @ BCR at Noon, Wednesday, February 6, tehn going tu nom nom nom some lunches and talk amongst owrselbs.  Bak tu BCR arownd 2ish, register, sign in.  Wii cna browse teh gift shop, sit awn teh patio adn watch big kitteh videos adn talk some moar till teh tour at 3:00.  Wii will b owt ov tehre bai 5:00, adn cna goe tu dinner if ennewunz interested.  Let mii noe if u am interested n joyning us, plskthxbai dansdansdans!

Big Cat Rescue am located at 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625

Click for google map link to Big Cat Rescue




One thought on “Tampa Cheezmeet #4

  1. Ohai Cheez peeps! Been a long thyme sinse ai postified… nawt lyking da chanjez @ ICHC berry mush.

    I haz a flabor tew beh asking awl da awesum Cheezfrenz. I haz started a petishun tew da Whyte Howse tew ban the use ub gas chamberz to killify domestik aminals.

    Here is da link. Please signify and share it sew we kan stawp this horribol way of dyin in da US.


    Cween MJ, wud yew pleez make shur dis infomashun gets tew da cheezpeeps!?

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