Binky’z Vet Bill

Binky is recoving from a life-threatening blocked bladder with complications resulting in a vet bill of $3,100. He is 8 years old and still has a lot of good years left to be with his family- we love him a lot. I am a single parent and struggling to make ends meet and have no reserves for a bill like this – worrying about paying it off is causing me so much stress. Can you help? Any donations would be greatly appreciated.  Someday I can pay it forward and help someone else in need. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. Your cheezfrend, Debby  aka dgreenesprout

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3 thoughts on “Binky’z Vet Bill

  1. Debby– silver and gold have I none, but what I have I give you– just remember it’s worth exactly what you paid for it LOL! Our Mango blocked a couple of years ago, with thankfully no complications. Years ago we’d had a male who also blocked, who ended up with the “I’m a girl now!” surgery and Rx diet and pills. Yuk. I did a littlol research this time (other time was pre-internet!!) and have been feeding Mango and his brother Tango canned food with much added water ever since. Their bladders hold more than mine!!!! The litter box change was pretty amazing, but I’m proceeding on the “hose down the bladder walls daily” theory. Canned is pricey, but less than surgery. Sending a littlol prayer foar Binky an Binkyzmomanbruvverzansissterzez Chris, aka ZF from alawngthyme ago

  2. eye sended a phew munniez. wen mai pj wuz veri veri sic, mai frendz contra buted 2 da save da pj fund. himz vet bill wuz all mostly 4 thousind munniez. tuk a wile, butt pj iz happ an hellthy an da vvet bill b paided awf. gud luk. u iz a gud furson 2 take such gud kare ob ur kittiez an ur puggz.

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