Dis just in frum JD:

Sad nooz. Teh kitteh ob my gurlfrend adn fellow Cheezpeep, Mouse, died at 11pm EST on Friedai, 22nd. It woz berri sudden. He woz fine awl dai, bouncing, squeaking, jumping on chairs adn raiding serial bowls for noms.

Ten tu eleben, he becaym beri restless, althew dat was nawt dat unuzual foar him. Ifinkso dat he cud hab powered a nentyre town wib his energy.

At eleven, he crawled into a corner, gave two breathless squeaks adn woz gone. It woz dat sudden.

I wud awlsew lyke teh Nite Watchman to keep a speshul watch for him, az obberwise Mouse is liable to tear around Mu Meadow adn nok fings off shelves.

I iz sure deh Nite Watchman will taking berry gud keer uv him.  


31 thoughts on “Mouse

  1. I shud add Mouse was only 5. It haz been a grate shock. Dis woz a kitteh taht cud turn door handles and faucet taps. Dis woz a kitteh dat woz going places, maybe eben the Kitteh Institute ob Nomology!

    He woz an indoor only kitteh, Fed gud noms adn had been helfy up to tehn. Gugul sez dis sort ob fing iz unuzual but duz happen.

    Pleez, derefoar, hug yore kitteh today.

      • It was. She spent much of the night sobbing uncontrollably. I was in too much shock, having got to Mouse seconds after he collapsed. No heartbeat, no response to CPR, nothing. It will take time for me to recover from the shock, but in a way that is good as I can be there totally for her right now.

  2. for Mouse adn fambly

    ar tehse shadoez ai can see
    yoor liet awlreddy faylin
    wot iz tihs taht ai heer
    butt teh sownd of mai hart waylin
    tehre ar fingz ai haz tu sae
    butt yoo neber gayv me tiem
    so ai wil trai tu sae tehm
    in teh meshurz of tihs riem
    for ebbry singul moemint
    yoo gayv mor tahn yoo tuuk
    for ebbry jentul tuch
    and ebbry preshus luuk
    ai can cownt mai blessins
    adn rekkun up teh scor
    noe mattur wot teh cownt iz
    ai’d beg for juss wun moer
    butt beggin bringz noe ansurz
    tu passifie tihs payn
    tihs burdun taht ai carree
    til we meet up agayn

  3. Schmoos and hedbonks for yore sadnesses, JD and Girlyfriend Mouse. I know yew will meet in the meadow someday, butt(!) taht doesn’t help teh pain of separation now. ❤

  4. Fankee tu eberywun, adn teh pome was berry wunnerful. Mouse appeered in gf’s dreems adn haz beemed bak dat he iz in a field ob catnip. Duz ennywun know wat part ob Mu Meadow dat iz?

    • Iz grate Mouse came in gf’s dreem. She’ll see him many times, even when she’s awake. Ai often get visits frum my heart kittehs even aftur all dese years.
      {{{{{JD adn girlfriend}}}}} Ai hazza sad dat you loosed Mouse so soon.

  5. Ai haz such a sorry fur the loss of the belubbed Mouse-kitteh! Ai lost a kitteh teh sayme way(prolly frum a undiagnozed hart isshoo), wuz the shock and the suck.
    {{{{JD and GF}}}}

  6. JD, Ai has Nast bin heer muchlee fore a few monfs but Ai reeds cweenmj’s postifucations abowt Mai cheezpeeps.

    Ai am see sorree fur yore loss. Sew bery sorre. Mai hart braykes at the loss on such a wunderful kitte as Mouse musta bin. Mai thots an prayers fur Yu an your gurlfren.

    Awlso fank Yu tew sunovawot fur such a bootiful pome. Yu maded mai izez leek.

  7. Oh, JD and GF and Mouse! Ai iz so sorry to hear that Mouse had to leave withakwickness to go to the Meadow–it sounz liek it was a big surprise to Mouse, too. i am glad Mouse was able to come so soon and talk to GF and let her know eberything was OK and he would be waiting for you there. Lovely poem, too! Ai am haz trubble seeing cuz teh tears maek eberyting blurry, but I wanted to send many hugs.

  8. Mai boi is sew often wif mii — it duz nawt surprise mii at awl dat Mouse has been back sew soon to comfort hims mawm. Ai iz sew sowwy for teh loss. Mouse is beeming on bof ob yoo, adn telling awl hims gnu friends in teh meddow whut grate parents him habs.

    Ai is going to go hug teh Princess nao. Shii nawt liek it beri much when mai eyes leak awl ober her, but she appreciates teh hug…

  9. Ai amz sew sowwy to heera bawt lossink yur hart kitteh! Eet iz nebber ez to lets dem go atta eny tyme. Eet hurts! Anna ai amz sew happitailols dat yur hart Mouse haz comeded bak to let u noe dat himz iz happitailols anna lubbin da meaddow wit himz nu fwens. {{{{JD, GF & Mouse}}}}

    Mi babehs comes bak to seez mi offen. Awwayz atta da edges ob mi site. Dey sta wit us bcuz dey lubslubslubs us!

  10. So sorry to hear of your loss. Mouse packed a lot of living and loving into his short time on this earth. May your memories bring you comfort. {{{{{JD adn Mouse adn GF}}}}}

  11. Agin, fankee to eberywun. Iffewn sumwun cud rite an episewd ob The Nite Watchman foar Mouse, I wud troooooooooooly appreciate it. My gf is still crying lawts adn I want a storee to consoal hur.

  12. Sumtymes dem liddle ones comes to us wif inside problem dat we nawt be knowin bout. Happens to me anna mai Sissy all tymes cause we foster. Dunnt wait too long to gets nu kitteh. Mouse can has his berry own picture frame anna u can luks at it often and members dat he iz in fine company waitin fer us on ober side of bridge. Him be knockin fings offfa shelves wif many ob my own liddle ones. Member – when we gets to bridge we will be a long tyme getting cross cause of hassin to stops anna seys OHAI to all dem dat we lubs. Many fond memories – Fredsmom.

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