A Kwestyun

Dis kwestyun landinged in mai inbox frum icanhasamimals.

Hello my Queen!
This is Icanhasanimlols and I think the mush wunnermous CheezPeeps might have some useful advice for me.  I know that some of our peeps work in the animal rescue and health fields.  Would it be possible to ask for their advice through the Cryer?
This is my conundrum:
One year ago 2 pups (about 4 months old) showed up at my house but were in very good condition and health.  That is usually not the case with these little “dumplins”.  We were able to find a foster home for the boy (neutered) who had to leave us because my resident male (neutered) dogs didn’t like him here with us.  I still have the girl, Ginger (spayed), who was featured yesterday on our posts (thank you Prysma!).  She is a loving, silly, active girl but she would not let us touch her.  She would walk beside us nibbling on our fingers or right behind us stepping on the back of our shoes.  She is so curious about everything, very intelligent and just wants to be around us all of the time.  We have finally gotten her to let us pet her and she loves her belly rubs but won’t roll over for them.  She is still a little spooky and I haven’t been able to teach her to walk on a leash but we think she might be ready for her furever home now with the right hoomins.
My conundrum is that she is part pitbull and kinda looks like one.  I am terrified of dog fighters and unfortunately there is alot of that happening in the area.  How do I know that the people who want Ginger really want her for a furbabeh and not a “bait” dog?  I have heard horror stories about pet adoption events being cruised by dog fighters looking for just that.  I guess my question is, how do you screen potential adopters?  Especially if I put Ginger on Petfinders and get responses from people not in my area?
Anyone with advice is very welcome to share your knowledge with me and your help will be very much appreciated!
Thanks peeps!

12 thoughts on “A Kwestyun

  1. icanhasanimlols..can you e-mail me at damommza@aol.com and tell me what state you are in. I work with a recue based out of Georgia and New York and perhaps they have contact info for a reputable rescue in your area that can help you find this beautiful little girl a safe and happy home.

  2. dere be many bery reputable bully-breed rescues out dere, whose only raisin to exist is to make sure dat dese wonderful (til dey step on yur bare feet–darnatiom, dem gogs be heavy)–do a search fur “pitbull rescue,”, and take a look at dem–dere’s one group dat’s a bunch ob tough=-looking huge-hearted bikers who go into nawt safe areas, and safe dese pups. dere’s anothfur grup whose logo is a pittie wif a microfoam. a simple “bully-breed rescue” would probly work too, but dose two i know are dood ones. if all else fails, goes to FB, look up cynthia steinle,, send her a message saying you nose me and she can most purrobly help wif local resources–she wrecksques cats and bully breeds and reptiles (in her peece ob da werld, da druggie deelers use alligators both as watchdogs, and a place to stash dere drugs……) she s a dood woman–an aminal abuse officer, in a city where dere aminal-control peeps are what all shud be.

    i’d go look up da references, but i stopped doing wrecksque after being told wrecksquers be abusers. i find it inneresting da number ob wrecksque posts dere are now.

  3. I don’t have an answer, I just want to wish you luck. I have a pit bull I rescued when she was 12 weeks old for exactly this same reason. I never thought I would have a pittie, but I adore her. She’s my baby and the fact she could have ended up in a bad place gives me chills. Good luck

    • Me too — I don’t have any advice about bully breeds, but bless you for taking all steps necessary to make sure Ginger stays safe. I think all of us with rescues sometimes look at them and think “where else might you have ended up….” and then give them an extra hug. All good luck go with you and Ginger, and may all good angels watch over you both and lead you to her forever home.

  4. Good luck–I had a sweet wonderful bait dog for for almost 16 years…half pit, half boxer. There are responsible bully breed rescue groups out there, wherever “there” is…I miss Rudy.

  5. Fankees to alla Cheezpeeps! Do 2 Dammomza’s idear, ai lukked urp a local rescue anna aksed dem 2 screen adopters fr mi en eggschange fr da monies dey wud charge de adoptifiers. Ai wull keep Ginger hear wit uz az long az eet taks 2 adoptify hur awot. Shi styll can haz sooo mush ta lurn anna styll aks lyke a baaad pupper ifn nawt corrected. Ai wull let alla da Cheezpeeps noe wut happins! {{{Cheezpeeps}}}

  6. Ai wants to addify to da udder cheezpeeps’s thanks to icanhasanimlols fur rescuing Ginger and her bruvver and 4 beeying so conshee-enn, consheesh… so currful about whooz gonna adoptify Ginger! I am a wun hunnert purr scent Cat purrson [& kittehs is alla kinda pets my lanlord allowifies], but Ginger am a BEE-YOO-tee-full doggy, yes she is! She looks so cyoot sittin wif ur ginger cat! …Even if oranjee cat may be thinking in his head, “wot are yooo doing here, large babydog? Yer in my spawt!” Dat’s what my seen-yer cat dowager finks of having to sharify her humans and her home [that she kindly lets us live in wiff her;-] wif da young whippersnapper we dared to ress-Q da winter before this one! “Wot’sa come anna go, humans? Here Ai beez da Kween ob da roost for 10 years and now you bring home diss wackjob of a krazy kitten into MY howsse, wifout eeben axing me fur-hisst?”

    And thanks to icanhasanimlols’s lettur, now I noze a new wordwordword for my junyor kitty besides ‘rescue’! It took me a while to reelolize da word play in your use of ‘dumplins’ 2 describe Ginger and her bro! It’s on accounta sum mean ol’ hyoomins dumped dem near your place! That’s what had happened to my pearly white babycat about a year anna haff ago– HIS hyooman’s dumped him as just a kitten, alone and muvverless, in da big woods outsida our city [St. Louis], along the road by my bruvver’s in-lores’s bluff-side ache-your-edge! Dey can haz already 6 cats, all very set-in-dare-weighz an couldn’t skweeez in enny moar! Da shelter in dare area is overcrowded with these poor ‘dumplins’ and is KNOT a no-kill shelter, and winter was coming, and dis baby was all dehydrated and wrapping himself around our anklols & chuffing his little purr-engine at us and batting his beeyoutimous big eyes at us! So we reely had no choice, and had no time to consultify wif her Nibsness, 50 milols back into town… Well, that’s a long & oft-told, furry tail of mine… Long story longer, just wanted to thank icanhasanimlol for that cute little punny name for these little babes in the woods!

  7. Fankees lupinssupins fr da gudgud fings yu sayd boawt uz! Dere iz sum mush wunnermush luving harted peeps awt inna da wurld but(!) dere iz da udder syde 2. Ai gess eet shudnawt surpwise mi dat peeps kan trow awai a living fing lyke gawbage. Disposable animals, disposable kids, it is all the same to them. Yeah “dumplins” seemed to fit unfortunately. Dose ub us hoo habs a hart jus dose wut komz natchural. Wi jus do da bess wi kan.

  8. Sorry this is coming so LATE, but I hope you see it anyway.
    I have over 250 successful pet adoptions under my belt.
    I have a questionaire for every potential adopter – very similar to the one our local humane society uses.
    I explain to anyone interested that I have a LOT of time, love, and money invested in each animal and that I am only trying to ensure that it will be going to a good home that is a good “fit”.
    I ask if they own or rent – then, if they rent, ask if I can contact their landlord to ask if they are allowed to have pets.
    If they hesitate – NO WAY. If they are agreeable, get the landlord’s contact info and do not be shy about contacting them.
    Ask if they are allowed to have pets and ask them if they are aware their renter is talking to you about adopting?
    Ask if they have had pets before (at that residence) and does the landlord know what happened to those pets?
    Most landlords LOVE to gossip about their tennants!
    Another thing I ask is basic history. Have you ever owned a dog before? Do you know that shots are needed every year? as well as heartworm preventative, and routine wormings?
    If they have had pets before, ask them who their vet is.
    If they cannot name their vet, you can bet their pet never went.
    ALSO, I used to work at 2 vet hospitals.
    You can call them and ask basic questions that the staff can answer without violating patient/doctor privacy.
    Just tell them “Mr. Joe Johnson is wanting to adopt a dog from you and you are verifying his vet information.”
    Give them their name and address, and ask them if they are indeed clients. I was Astounded how many people LIED about their vets!
    If they say “YES”, they cannot give out personal information but they CAN answer a few questions such as, “Did they take good care of their pets? Did they get the yearly check-ups and shots or did they only come in when there was an emergency, like when they got hit by a car?”
    I also asked -” would YOU (personally) adopt a dog/cat out to them?”
    MOST people who work at vet clinics will not lie about something like that.
    And one of my rescue/foster/adopting friends used to do home visits – one Before the adoption, and two After the adoption, to make sure everything was above board.
    If a person is a serious adopter, who understands the love, time, attention, and expense that you have already gone to, they will not balk at these minor intrusions into their privacy. If they think YOU are TOO NOSEY, don’t trust them.
    And I ALWAYS gave my adopters a “no-fault” clause – they were allowed to bring the animal back to me for ANY reason if it didn’t work out. That way none of my fosters wound up in shelters if the adoption went sideways. I only had ONE bad return. A woman brought me back a 12 week old kitten with a broken back leg claiming she didn’t know what happened and she didn’t want to pay the vet bill. His leg was broken in four places. She did not get her very small adoption fee back.
    One more thing – in our culture FREE things are rarely cherished.
    I always require an adoption fee, usually not very big, just enough that they feel like they have made an investment and they will take care of their investment. Many times I would give them a partial or full refund after the first 90 days, if I could SEE the pet and everyone looked happy and healthy and they provided vet bills proving they had gotten shots, or heartworm preventative, or flea control for the pet.
    Hope this helps : )
    Feel free to contact me directly if you like, everyonesxwife@hotmail.com

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