ScarlettKitty had a Heart Attack

JanetCanHas4Kittehs sendinged mii dis.  

Please keep Dayle Cochran Irwin, aka Scarlettkitty, in your prayers. Her daughter reports:

“Mom, I love you. I’m posting this on your wall in the hopes that your fb friends can see it.  Mom had a heart attack this morning. They were doing a cath, when her blood pressure bottomed out. They need the blood pressure to come back up before anything else can be done. Please pass on positive thoughts. She cares a lot about all of her friends on here, and I know you all do as well. I’ll continue to post like this if I see you all can see it. Thanks.”

She’s at St. Johns Hospital, and everyone can send eCards.   We don’t know her room number.   I expect she doesn’t have one yet.  Probably still in intensive care.    I just sent a card.   I put “unknown” in the room number place.   Other than that, everyone just needs to make sure to check only the box that says “patient delivery.”  UNcheck the box that asks for the patient’s email.


10 thoughts on “ScarlettKitty had a Heart Attack

  1. Ohai! Yoo needs tu haz hur rume numbur tu sendz teh eCard, k? Dat iz: CCU Room 1.

    Ai libs heer in Springfield IL ware hur am horspitlolyzd, an ai yam trying tu get in tuch wif hur DH sew ai can go bizzit az sune az hur can haz bizziturs. Ai will report az sune az ai habs sumfing tu report, k? Kthxlubsyooawlbai!

  2. Fankeez cweenmj adn JanetCanHas4Kittehs for teh (sad) infoe. Ai is wishifying fur speedykwikkwik healifying foar deer ScarlettKitty. Waz ez2 sendifying teh eek-card. Hoap lotsa Cheezfrenz sendify awlsew. luvv n purrz, calicocoa

  3. I just spoke with Dayle’s husband, Mike, a few minutes ago. He sounds tired & frightened, of course. He said she’s in Cardiac Care Unit, intubated, sedated, and on strong pain meds. The pain meds are apparently messing with her blood pressure, so that’s the challenge the medical team is tackling. That’s all I have right now. Will share more when I know more.

  4. I have been praying since i heard about this on cheezfrenz and will continue to pray!
    All my love —janey

  5. Oh, deer, dis am upsetting nyooz! Brings back sad memories of difficult days when my momcat was in ze Car dee Yack ICU in da Saint John’s horse pistol over heer in Saint Loouis 6 years ago! So ai noze how exhausifyed an’ worried ScarlettKitty’s hubcat and daughter must be feeling. Sending many of da strongest possible healifying beeeeams over the river & up the road to Illinois’ Springfield! May ScarlettKitty’s heart and healff steadily improve and her family be granted some rest & reassurance. {{{{{Dayle, Mike and Dottir}}}}

  6. Um, Dayle nawt hazza dottir, hur hazza sun… Aifinkso JKH4K assoomd dat teh purrsun hoo postid “I love you Mom…” wuzza gurl, cuz hims naym am Jamie. Butt rilly, izza man. 😳 Fanksfully, ai nawt finkso Jamie iz aware ub dis mistayk we habs mayd. *whew*

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