Sad Nooz

Deer peepz,

I haz receeved deh berry sad nooz dat ScarlettKitty haz passed away.   I haz no uzzer detaylz at dis time.  I send beemz uv lub and strength tu hur fambly.  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥



Dis wuz postid awn Dayle’z huzbind’z Faysebuk:

 “Today we lost our beautiful wife, mother and friend.  Dayle’s spirit was strong, but her heart was just too weak to carry on.”

22 thoughts on “Sad Nooz

  1. Dis frum hur lubbing sun, Jamie, postid awn Faysebuk abowt 40 minnits ago:

    “She passed a couple hours ago. We received all the e-cards this morning. You are all such wonderful people. I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the kind words and thoughts.”

    Sew naise ub him tu say dat, aifinkso. ♥

  2. *…and light perpertual shine upon her…*

    Tears and prayers, and hugs for her family and the cheezpeeps who love her.

  3. Ai have such a sad fer Dayle and her lovely family. We have been losing too many of our wonderful friends in the last few years. Will be praying for her family at this time of loss. May they only find happy memories.

  4. Mai hart, mai cween, iz borked. Ai iz so bery sad. She had halped meh wif awl mai proboblems and nao, Ai can do nuffing. She wuz a bery gud fren and cheezfren. Mai hope iz dat wii awl meet her agin in da Grate Cheezmeet uv awl ober da Bridj.

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